When I moved to Las Vegas, I lived in the Candlewood Suites…

I read in the news today that some public health experts warn that in some instances, social distancing will need to remain in place through 2021 and even 2022 in order to contain the virus…

When quarantine and social distancing restrictions started almost 6 weeks ago, I know you thought that this is just temporary and that you’d be back to “business as usual” by sometime in April.

I know you’ve been patiently waiting to get the go-ahead to get back to “regular life” and “business as usual” but now you’re probably thinking, “that’s not going to happen anytime soon AND you’re also probably starting to realize that a virtual business is actually THE NEW NORMAL.

Things will not return to the way they were.

I’m sure when you shut the doors of your business at the start of the quarantine that you put temporary business measures in place to survive the projected 6 or 8 weeks that you would have to operate your business from home, BUT probably didn’t think much beyond the quarantine period.

However, NOW, that it’s evident that this IS the NEW NORMAL, you’re probably thinking, “What do I do now??”.

I know how you feel…. Like the rug was pulled out from under your feet. Like you lost your identity when you lost your business as you knew it… All the hard work that you put in over the years… “Now what??”.

I’ve been there.

In 2016, Eric decided that he wanted to get back into his field of Athletic Training. This would mean that we would have to close our training facility. Even though I supported his decision, and also needed a change from burning the candle at both ends, I had NO IDEA how closing our business would make me feel lost, irrelevant, washed up, like my career in the Fitness Industry was over… and wondering, “What do I do now??”.

When this decision became a reality MUCH FASTER than we expected, (in less than three months of making this decision), and we closed the doors to our facility, people kept asking me, “What will you do?”.

The truth – I wasn’t 100% sure. I had not thought through the two months I had ahead of me of spending my last holiday season in Boston with my family, packing up the condo, and driving cross country.

At that time my online coaching and workshop business was only part-time, and I assumed I would focus my attention on it full-time after arriving in Las Vegas, but honestly, I wasn’t 100% sure.

I stayed very busy with the holidays, the move, and the cross country drive, so I didn’t feel it right away… BUT upon arriving in Las Vegas in January 2017 I felt like the rug had been pulled out from under me, and thought, “Now what do I do??”.

What made matters worse was that when I first arrived in Las Vegas we didn’t have a place to live. Eric had been living in the Candlewood Suites on the strip for two months, and NOW, these luxurious lodgings were my new home until we found an apartment.

Every day, Eric would get up and go to work and I would figure out how to have a life living in the Candlewood Suites on the Las Vegas Strip. It was depressing.

Prior to moving, I had never even visited Las Vegas… and NOW, I had left my gym, my career, my family, and my home almost 3,000 miles behind me and I was living in the Candlewood Suites and spending my days alone as Eric worked at Cirque from 2 pm until 11:30 pm 5 days a week.

I became depressed.

Fortunately, we found an apartment within two weeks of my arrival to Las Vegas and got the hell out of the Candlewood Suites.

As soon as we moved into our apartment, rather than mope around depressed and feel sorry for myself, I CHOSE to turn this obstacle into an OPPORTUNITY.

I decided to put my focus 100% on building my online business.

You see, when Eric and I owned our facility we LOVED what we did but there were many things about owning a facility that we DID NOT LOVE – the overhead, how hard it was to find good help (employees/interns) to teach classes, waking up at 4 am to teach 5 and 6 am classes, the unexpected expenses… In fact, one year at our first facility we received a bill for snow removal in June 2015 from our landlord for $2,691.54! This was the year that it snowed 7 feet (no exaggeration) in 3 weeks during the month of February and the entire City of Boston shut down.

The landlord did nothing to remove the snow from in front of our facility so that we could open and operate our business. We sent multiple pictures to the landlord about the fact that they did not remove the snow, yet four months later we received a bill for almost $2,700 that was due in full along with our rent that month.

It was insane.

The facility was 24/7 and IT RULED OUR LIVES. It prevented us from being able to get married, get a dog, travel and take the vacations that we wanted to take, and have the quality of life that we desired.

So NOW, even though it seemed like I had an obstacle to overcome, I actually had an incredible opportunity right in front of me. I had a choice to create the life that I wanted, in a place with better weather and a lower cost of living, PLUS create the career that I wanted with an online business WITHOUT the massive overhead, headaches and surprise $2,700 snow removal bills from money hungry, blood sucking landlords who didn’t care one bit about small businesses.

I had the opportunity to BUILD MY PARADISE, without the threat of massive rent increases or being kicked out of a facility because the landlord sold the building, or having to wake up at 4 am to teach 5 and 6 am classes, and instead to create an online business with minimal operating expenses and LIMITLESS GROWTH!

Three years later, I NOW own my DREAM 6-figure online business, which continues to grow. Eric and I are married, have our French Bulldog pup Bruno (finally!), and vacation twice a year in Hawai’i for two weeks at a time.

NOW, despite how you might be feeling lost, depressed, or scared, YOU have the POWER to turn this obstacle into an opportunity and to create the dream business that you’ve always wanted.

Now, YOU can build YOUR dream business, ONLINE, with unlimited growth potential.

If you’re not sure where to start, I CAN HELP YOU.

That’s why I created my EmpowerU Business Academy, which launches TOMORROW.

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Sending you vibes of positivity & abundance!


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