Own Your Morning to RULE Your Day!

Do you wake up because you HAVE TO and have Mediocre Mornings or do you wake up because you WANT TO and have Miracle Mornings?

Mediocre Morning

Your alarm goes off and you start your day by procrastinating and hit the snooze button.

When you finally get out of bed, you’re extra tired because now you are suffering from, “sleep inertia” and you’re super cranky and rushing around because you woke up late.

You look at your phone as soon as you get out of bed and start scrolling through emails, messages and social media, all which spike your anxiety.

As you stare at your phone, you go to the kitchen, pour yourself a cup of coffee, fueling your already elevated cortisol, and then sit down and open up your laptop.

Then to add to the negative energy, information and technology overload, you decide to turn on the news in the background.

You spend your morning drinking coffee and reacting to any and all messages and emails, all while getting distracted by social media every 10 minutes.

When you finally look up at the clock, it’s almost noon and you’re still in your PJs and you haven’t even brushed your teeth!

Miracle Morning

You wake up at 6:30am WITHOUT AN ALARM because your cortisol and circadian rhythm is balanced, feeling energized, refreshed and excited for your day.

You don’t look at your phone because your “sleep sanctuary” (i.e. your bedroom) is technology free.

You take 10 minutes to meditate before going to the kitchen for coffee.

After you meditate, you write down any “downloads” from your meditation in your journal.

Then you go to the kitchen, give your pup some belly rubs and pour yourself a cup of coffee.

As you drink your coffee, you write out your morning gratitude, your daily affirmations, and your MUST LIST, which are the top 3 “to-do’s” that you must accomplish that day in order to achieve your goals.

THEN, you check your emails and messages, but save the replies for later when you have that task scheduled.

You eat breakfast and then go for your morning walk while you listen to an audiobook.

After your walk, you exercise, shower, and then complete work tasks.

Your morning routine fuels the structure and productivity of the rest of your day. 

It sets the tone, context, and direction for the day that you live.

When you start your day with practices that put you in a PEAK  physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual state first thing in the morning AND are proven to make you a better version of yourself, that sets a very empowering, positive, productive, and energized tone for the rest of your day.

THEREFORE, mastering your morning routine is the single most important thing that you can do for productivity and to achieve your goals.

If you can change your mornings, then you can change ANYTHING.

YET, so many people wake up because they HAVE TO and settle for Mediocre Mornings.

BUT, what if you decided that from now on, you are going to get up because you WANT TO and MASTER a Miracle Morning routine?

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