Pull-up Tip, “Slingshot” Your Hollow Position

Recently someone asked me if I had any tips on how to pull up higher on the bar when doing a pull-up, i.e. How to get throat or chest to bar.

My answer: Just keep training. There are no tricks. You have to train pull-ups consistently and by training pull-ups consistently you will build up the strength to get chest to bar over time, and dial in the technique to add explosiveness to your pull-up. Haha 😉

With that I provided some suggestions about how to focus on building this explosiveness with your pull-up as you train pull-ups consistently (e.g. 4-5x/wk), and build up the strength and hone in on the skill.

The explosiveness comes when you know how to maximize the hollow position at the right moment in order to generate power. Notice in this video, as I am about halfway through my pull-up, I almost pull the trigger on my hollow position to explode up and over the bar and get my throat to bar (18kg-40lbs pull-up shown in this video).

By doing this, you are almost “slingshotting” yourself higher up on the bar with your hollow position.

It’s a very subtle boost that I add to the hollow as I pull that helps to generate this explosiveness. It takes daily practice of dialing in the technique, making sure to start it from a dead hang, while building up the strength to be able to pull one’s bodyweight up over the bar.

Other drills you could apply to help to feel the kinesthetic cue of the explosiveness that should occur are:

  1. Add a superband to your pull-up so that it’s easy for you to start from a dead hang and then be able to explode up with strength and speed.
  2. Add a light kettlebell on your foot & drop it at the halfway point, right before you explode up over the bar. This will help to emphasize the feeling of explosiveness.

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