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How much time did you spend on admin last week?

(Writing emails or programs, sending invoices, paying bills, organizing your spreadsheets, project management, etc.)

How much time did you spend on marketing last week?

(Writing, designing, and posting social media posts, sending emails to your subscribers, creating lead magnets and sales pages, promoting your offers.)

How much time did you spend getting paid WELL to be in your zone of genius?

(Doing the things you love to do, feeling aligned and in flow, losing track of time, etc.)

How many hours did you work?

How much money did you keep?

For most folks in the fitness industry, the answers are typically:

  • I spent too much time on admin. It felt like a waste of time, but it has to get done.
  • I tried to do some social posts but I don’t know what to postso I just get lost scrolling Instagram.
  • I felt awesome about my 1-on-1 training sessions, but I wish there were more.
  • I worked early in the morning until late at night, with long gaps between clients.
  • When I add up all the hours I am in “work mode,” I am just not making enough money.

We hear you.

AND we get it, because we WERE you!

We got out, so it breaks our hearts to see how many FitPros’ careers are stalled by crappy commissions, exhausting split shifts, and idle time.

We even see it in folks who have transitioned online.

There are huge gaps between clients, because you’ll say yes to anyone who has a buck.

There are massive amounts of admin work piling up.

There is a suspicious lack of a lead generation and marketing strategy to help bring in more, aligned clients.

Yesterday afternoon, we hosted the second of three
How to Build Your Dream Team Masterclasses.<<<

(Get in on the last one.)

In the class, we taught about how to spend more time in your zone of genius by hiring people to help take the not-so-genius-y tasks off your list.

Hire someone to create a lead generator for you, and you will be able to sit back and watch new, aligned clients land in your calendar.

Hire someone to handle your invoices, and you will be able to spend more time coaching those clients who landed in your calendar.

Hire someone to run your social media, and you will be able to show up authentically when you want to show up, knowing you have the backbone of a reliable marketing structure.

Maybe, just maybe… Hire another coach who adopts your mission, vision, and values, and serves clients so you can work less and be choosy about the clients you do coach.

Does this sound impossible?

Does it sound way too hard?

Does it sound more than a little scary?

We broke it all down in the

>>>How to Build Your Dream Team Masterclass.<<< 

And if you missed the first two, there’s still time to get in on the third!

Save your seat for June 15th at 2:00 PM PDT.

This is not just about hiring people to do the things you don’t want to do.

(Though, it’s not not about that…)

It’s about you deciding what kind of business you want to run,
and then running it.

Deciding what kind of life you want to live,
and then living it.

Making more money by actually working less.

It all starts with identifying your zone of genius, and then committing to doing whatever it takes to stay there.

Are you ready to Build Your Dream Team?

Join us for our FINAL Masterclass on June 15th at 2:00 PM PDT.

See you there!

With love and intention from our zones of genius to yours,

Artemis + Eric

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It’s time to Make the Monies.

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