Our Most Successful Clients Do This ONE Thing

During a free masterclass we taught a few weeks ago, the “EmpowerU Method Lead Generation & Nurturing Method”, we were chatting with one of our rockstar clients who attended about how in addition to her paid coaching calls, she also attends all the free trainings that we do from masterclasses to the community calls.

THIS is one of the reasons why her business is constantly growing, changing, and evolving.

She keeps her creative juices flowing and her vision and motivation FRESH by staying connected not just with her paid coaching calls, but with ALL THE THINGS we offer.

She immerses herself in all the learning and the community and the high vibe energy of entrepreneurial creation, vision, and high performance.

THIS is one of the BIG keys to her success.

For those who have stopped coaching with us, yes, they continue to have some amount of success, but not on such an accelerated level.

In fact, I’ve seen some parts of their businesses become stagnant…

For example, I’ve seen…

Some get to a point in their business that they need to hire a team, but because they are alone on an entrepreneurial island, they are clueless as to,

→ how to hire
→ who to hire
→ how much to pay their support
→ what red flags they should look for

Others don’t raise their prices in over 6 months and go back to square one, facing price objections from leads.

These past clients confess that they want more online business, but there is something holding back their business that they alone are unable to identify objectively.

The ones who continue to get coaching, stay connected, and immerse themselves in the community, grow exponentially.

While those who go off on their own, growth slows down and is even stunted, because they don’t have the objective perspective of a mentor and the high vibe energy of a community of other like-minded entrepreneurs.

If you’re looking for a mentor to help you keep your business growing, flourishing, and accelerating we have each opened 2 spaces for 1:1 coaching. APPLY HERE.

Your coaches who have walked through the fire so you don’t have to,

Artemis + Eric

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