How to find buyers for your offer.

Quick question for you:

What is your ideal client doing right now?

No, no, we don’t mean, “What homework did you assign to your existing clients for this week?”

We’re talking about prospects.

Okay, let’s back it up a second.

Do you know who your ideal client is?

Every business mentor on the planet will tell you that you need to know your ideal client in and out.

You need to be able to describe them demographically.

Gender, ethnicity, age, location, occupation, marital status, family dynamic, disposable income.

Those are all super important to understand so that you can market your product effectively.

In EmpowerU Business Academy, we encourage you to go much deeper into your ideal client and niche. The online wellness business space is pretty saturated, so you need to make sure you are finding your people and actually speaking to them.

When you move online from an in-person setting, it totally feels like the world is your oyster.

Everyone with an internet connection is officially a prospect!

You don’t have to pay Main Street storefront rental fees to serve the clients of your dreams!

They’re all right there in front of you!

But then when you go to launch your offer… crickets.

This happens because you haven’t really connected with your ideal client and the problems they are actually looking to solve.

You can’t just make this sh*t up.

You can’t just decide that men in their 40s will want to change their diet to lower their cholesterol after 25 years of being able to eat whatever they want.

You can’t assume that a single 30-something career-woman is looking for love just because she’s single.

You can’t predict whether a 50-year old woman will want a post-menopause strength-training program.

You have to actually get to know your ideal client and learn the problems they want to solve.

Then you can craft your offer around that deep understanding.

Maybe you’re a hormone nutritionist and you connect to a group of distance runners who struggle with hair loss.

You can take this information and create a hormone-balancing group program for endurance athletes.

You can put together a can’t-miss nutrition and supplement protocol to help this group nourish their bodies to curb their hair loss.

You can create an educational marketing strategy that targets endurance athletes and helps them understand the hormonal changes their bodies are experiencing.

You can become the go-to wellness practitioner who truly understands how hair loss is a blow to confidence, but not enough to sacrifice the high of endurance training.

You will learn the training schedules, the marathon seasons, and the culture of endurance performance.

You will join online communities of marathon trainees, cross-country runners, and long-distance cyclists.

You will know them inside and out and become such a source of helpful information that they will be waiting to buy your offer.

And THAT is the market for you to build your business.

A one-size-fits-all approach truly fits no one.

Online, we like to be seen. We like to be called out. We like to be understood.

So our challenge to you today is to look at your offers.

Then look at your ideal client.

Does your offer truly serve your ideal client?

If not, one or the other needs to change.

We can help with all this and more at EmpowerU Business Academy. Enrollment ends on Friday, and we start right away.

Are you ready to join us?

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In inspired service,

Artemis + Eric

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