In 19 days, I will turn 46 years old 😳…

Last week, while I was on a Discovery Call with a woman who was  interested in the EmpowerHER Mastermind, we were chatting about how we both made career transitions into the fitness industry, “late” in life – she at 37 years old and me at 32 years old.

We are both 45 years old.

When she shared with me that she wasn’t sure if she would be successful making this transition at the ripe old age of 37, surrounded by 20-something year olds, I told her that I could totally relate, because I felt the exact same way at age 32.

I was always surrounded by trainers 5-10 years younger than me and for a while, struggled with imposter syndrome.

Now, it’s laughable to me that when I was 32 I thought that was “old”, because now at age 45 and about to turn 46, 40 years old seems young to me!

Even if I have felt “old” at the time that I decided to reinvent myself or pivot, I have NEVER let that feeling or my age hold me back.

I KNOW that you are never too old to start over.


That is truly all in your mind.

→ At age 32, I made a career transition from corporate consulting to the fitness industry and never looked back.

→ At age 35, I opened my own brick and mortar gym.

→At age 40, I closed my gym, moved to Las Vegas, and started my life and career all over again growing my online business and working for Cirque du Soleil as a strength and conditioning coach.

→At age 43, I decided to go ALL IN to my online business and grew it to $100k in 10 months.

→At age 44, I pivoted from fitness coaching to business coaching.

→At age 45, as I go into 2022 and my 46th year, I’m adding another twist to my pivot into business coaching to teach more about energetics, the Law of Attraction, and money mindset.

All along the way, I have inspired other women my age and older to reinvent themselves at ages that seem “old” and have helped clients in their 40’s and 50’s, pivot to fitness coaching and start their online businesses from square one.

You’re never too old to reinvent yourself and if you need help and guidance along the way, I have 2 Private 1:1 Business Coaching spots available. 

(My rates will be going up in January, so this month is your last chance to sign up at my current rate and lock it in for 6 months.)

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Helping you to reinvent yourself with ease and FLOW,


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