I didn’t even know what online personal training was…

A few years ago in December 2020 one of my business coaching clients, Laura, messaged me on Instagram to tell me that a woman by the name of Georgia had reached out to her to inquire about coaching with me.

I had just posted a client testimonial from Laura and something in that testimonial resonated with Georgia so she reached out to Laura.

The funny thing is that I knew Georgia!

She had purchased many of my training programs in the past and we had chatted before online and were “friends” on social media.

After Laura messaged me, I took the initiative to message Georgia and I mentioned to her that Laura had told me she was interested in working with me for Business Coaching.

I think when you’re making a big life decision, like investing in Business Coaching to build your online business, it can be scary to reach out and start the process.

Also, everyone has their own decision making process, and sometimes asking other clients who have worked with the coach you are interested in working with can be part of your decision making process.

After I reached out to Georgia we ended up scheduling a Discovery Call and she signed up for 6 months of 1:1 coaching with me.

When Georgia started working with me a year ago she confessed that she didn’t even know what online personal training was!

In August 2020 she started a little passion/side hustle that was her online training business, and because she did it from a place of service and love, the business grew so fast that come December 2020 she knew that if she wanted to make this her career then she needed to hire a coach.

I remember before our first coaching call that she sent me a 1 page word document that was her “Client Roster & Payments” system.

Her entire business was in a 1 page word document!

WELL, in the year that we worked together, we turned her passion/side hustle business into a legit, thriving business.

NOW, she:

→ has 3 signature offers (a starter offer, a 1:1 offer, and group offer).

→ sends out a weekly email using ActiveCampaign (instead of manually entering email address into her gmail account).

→ offered a free holiday gift guide over the holidays.

→ has a freebie that is a “New Year’s Habits Workbook”.

→ knows how to write marketing copy and create sales pages in leadpages.

→ posts regularly (and frequently) to social media, including REELS (before it was like, NEVER).

→ hired her first team member last September, her assistant Jacqueline.

When Georgia started working with me she was: “A year ago, I didn’t even know what “online personal training was…”

AND NOW she is: “Artemis & Eric helped me to turn my passion/side hustle business into a full time career and double my income.”

Tune into her video testimonial below 👇🏽to hear more from Georgia about her experience working with me.

 If you want to work with me, there are 3 ways you can work with me in January:

1. The EmpowerHER Mastermind (starts January 14). Check out the details HERE.

I updated the program so that it includes BOTH group trainings and 1:1 coaching calls with me ;).

2. 1:1 Private Business Coaching & Mentorship (I have 2 spots available right now). Apply HERE.

3. A One-off 2-Hour 1:1 Strategy Session. Check out the details and sign up HERE.

Here’s to turning your passion/side hustle into a legit THRIVING business and full time career!

Yours in Abundance,

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