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One year ago from today I was spending my final night in Massachusetts at my parents’ house. The next day, on January 1, 2017 I got into my car and started my cross-country journey to my new home, and new life, in Las Vegas. I can’t believe it’s already been one year since then… time flies. After running our training gym, Iron Body Studios, for 5 years, in October 2016, Eric and… Read More

Xena Can Eat Cake. Or in the case of Thanksgiving, PIE, and lots of it. A few weeks ago when I attended Inferno Hot Pilates™ teacher training here in Las Vegas, Gabriella Walters, Owner and Creator of Inferno Hot Pilates™, told the group of instructors a story that I told to Gabi and to my team of StrongFirst Level I Instructor candidates, otherwise known as Team Xena, when she attended her StrongFirst… Read More

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Last week I posted the following on Instagram and Facebook: FORTY WHAAATT???!! I turned 41 and 1/2 on July 11 this week so I’m officially in my forties. If you haven’t turned 40 yet it can be a scary number. Even 30 can be scary if you haven’t yet reached that milestone. Physically I don’t feel any different today than I did on my 30th birthday. In fact I feel physically stronger… Read More

“STRONGER THAN YESTERDAY” 16-WEEK ONLINE TRAINING PROGRAM REGISTRATION NOW OPEN! I’m excited to partner with Coach Zack Henderson for our 16-week online small group training program, “STRONGER THAN YESTERDAY”. The training program is an integrated barbell and kettlebell strength training program and space is limited to ONLY 10 participants. If you are an intermediate to advanced lifter with a solid base in the fundamental kettlebell skills, have some experience with barbell training,… Read More

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When I was training for my kung fu black belt, I used to do all of my weapons forms with my right arm. As a result, I was drastically asymmetrical, with a huge gap in strength, stability, and coordination between my right and left sides. At the time, my primary focus was to pass my black belt test so my time was completely consumed with this task, and therefore I did not… Read More

When Lisa V. started my “Attack The Bar” pull-up program around December 1, 2016, she had been stuck at one overhand/prone grip pull-up and two underhand/supine grip pull-ups for about a year. In less than 12 weeks after following the “Attack The Bar” pull-up program, Lisa went from being stuck at one overhand/prone grip pull-up and two underhand/supine grip pull-ups for one year, to being able to complete four overhand/prone grip pull-ups and four underhand/supine grip… Read More

In addition to being a fat incinerator and superhuman strength builder, there are so many reasons why I love kettlebells and the kettlebell swing. Listed below are 10 of these reasons… Also, in honor of the power of kettlebells we just published Levels II through IV of our Iron Body Shred online training program, so now all four levels are available on The Iron Body Shred program is a 45-Day* program… Read More

The kettlebell military press used to be a very challenging movement for me, both physically and mentally. Pull-ups have always come easily to me, whereas the press was my nemesis for many years! I discovered my weakness with the press when I started to train for the Iron Maiden Challenge in 2011. Even though I am strong for my size when it comes to the press, as soon as I started to work… Read More