Your Dreams Are Fortuitous…

Do you remember your dreams?

All my life I have had vivid dreams.

I have a morning ritual of writing down my dreams from the night before, looking up the meaning of what I dreamt, and sharing them with my husband Eric.

Your dreams are fortuitous.

They tell the future of your manifestations and the story of the personal growth transformations that you are having in your waking life.

In fact, there is a tribe in the Amazon, the Achuar tribe, who wake up at 4 a.m. and come together to share their dreams before they start their day.

The Achuar tribe believes that what you see when you sleep is just an extension of your waking life.

I too believe this.

Just because we are sleeping doesn’t mean that we should write off these thoughts and visions as meaningless, or a fluke.

Last night I dreamt that I was breaking glass bottles on the pavement with a mallet.

The glass was shattering everywhere and pieces of it even got in the sandals I was wearing… I think I was wearing Tevas (haha!).

I remember feeling angry and frustrated and when I smashed the glass I felt a relief.

When you dream that you are breaking glass, it means that an old cycle in your life is ending, and something new, and GOOD, will come to take its place.

The symbolism of this dream matches exactly what has been happening in my life right now…

In my professional life, since I blew up my business last September, I have been rebuilding and recreating a new structure and programs for my business.

In my personal life, Eric and I have been reading the book Becoming Supernatural by Joe Dispenza and implementing the teachings from this book to take our meditation practice to the next level.

You see, you become a master at manifesting and an abundance magnet when you:

→ Learn how to feel the feelings of the thing you want to manifest as if you already have it…

→ Are able to easily and unconsciously live in the future-present vs. the past-present (or shift quickly when you find yourself dwelling on the past-present)…

→ Are happy in the present while holding a big vision for your future and focusing on your End Goal (vs. a Means Goal).

One of Joe Dispenza’s foundational teachings in Becoming Supernatural is to learn how to clear your mind when you meditate, and to allow your mind and body to surrender into the relaxed state of meditation.

This helps you to reprogram not only your mind, but also your body and any physical pattern that you are holding onto as a result of past trauma or that is tied to past, negative experiences that you want to let go of.

Meditating on nothing also helps you to train your mind and body to focus on being in the present in a meditative state.

When you can achieve being in the present in a meditative state, without a fight from your mind or body, you reprogram your mind and body to be in the present in a waking state and elevate your subconscious mind.

When you achieve being happy in the present in your waking life, then you easily attract all of your desires and the people and things that lead you to what you want to manifest in your life.

This is some deep sh*t, I know 😉.

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