How to reprogram your Money Codes

One of the hardest things for people to do is to rewrite and reprogram their self-limiting and self-destructive beliefs about money.

The thing is, it’s not as simple as rewriting new truths, writing positive affirmations, and reading and reciting them daily.

It’s not enough.

If you’re doing this, then you are missing one key step in the process…

A few things that you must understand about money programming and reprogramming is that:

ONE Money is an energetic currency, and energy is feminine.

DOing is a masculine energy, a human experience, where the actions you take change your external environment.

If you are DOing to resolve a feminine energy issue, then you are using a masculine energy tool, which is the WRONG tool.

When you reprogram your Money Codes, first you must BE before you can DO, and then you can HAVE.

Your Money Codes are tied to the BE, which is a feminine issue of emotion.

TWO → Your Money Codes are hardwired because they are attached to an emotion.

Every single memory of an experience you have is attached to an emotion.

If you cannot remember the experience, (like what you had for lunch last Tuesday😉), then that particular experience is not attached to a significant emotion of:

→ Happiness

→ Joy

→ Love

→ Freedom

→ Fear

→ Guilt

→ Shame

→ Pain

If you have a clear memory of an experience, then there was an emotion attached to it that CODED it into your memory.

This is why you can remember all the words to songs from your childhood 😉… There are emotions attached to you listening to New Kids On The Block, The Backstreet Boys, and Van Halen.

When it comes to your Money Codes, most of them were formed by the time you were 7 years old…

When you were a child, you asked your parents for something you desired, (because at that age you knew that you were worthy of whatever you wanted and you believed in unlimited abundance), and they told you…

→ “We can’t afford that.”

→ “Money doesn’t grow on trees.”

→ “I don’t have a coupon for that.”

→ “When you have a job then you can buy it for yourself.”

→ “You have to do your chores first and then we’ll talk about it.” 

Then, when you heard any of these things, you felt…

Panic, Fear, Worry, Anxiety, Guilt, and Shame and thought,

“Mom and Dad don’t have the money?! Are we going to be OK?”

“I guess it’s bad for me to ask for what I want…”

At that moment, your Money Codes were formed.

The experience, tied to the emotion, tied to the thought, formed a belief.

Then, to make matters worse, you didn’t get to fully process the emotion.

Instead, the processing of this emotion was halted, which further solidified the code in your subconscious.

You see, when your parents told you that you couldn’t have what you wanted, you got upset and started to cry.

Instead of allowing you to feel the Panic, Fear, Worry, Anxiety, Guilt, and Shame that was making you cry, and allowing you to finish processing these emotions, your parents told you to stop crying, and pacified you and the processing of your emotions with an ice cream cone.

They put a plug in the emotion, which hardwired the experience, tied to the emotion, tied to the thought, tied to the belief, which hardwired your Money Code.

Then this Money Code, and your other Money Codes, created recurring patterns led by the belief from the Money Code, that led to actions, that created experiences that validated this belief, year after year.

Years, and years, and years of living by your Money Codes.

This is like having a million tabs open on your computer and then just minimizing them instead of closing them.

Eventually your computer is going to slow down and not run as well.

In order to reprogram your Money Codes and master the BE before you DO and HAVE you must finish processing these emotions.

That means, when you have the thought, “The money isn’t coming…”, and you feel Panic, Fear, Anxiety, and Worry attached to it, you must…

FIRST, let go of the thought so that you don’t attract lack and scarcity and more of what you don’t want into your life…

THEN, lean into the feeling and allow yourself to feel the feeling and process the emotion.

THIS INCLUDES identifying where in your body you are feeling the emotion, (chest? stomach? neck?) and release the energy block in your body.

The best way to process this emotion is the same as Forgiveness and Forgiving into Love (which I teach in Money Vibes)…

1. Sit in meditation and take yourself back to the experience that caused you to feel this emotion through visualization.

2. Once you are there, re-experience the experience and feel the feelings.

3. Focus on the feelings and let go of any thoughts attached to the feelings.

4. Let yourself feel the feelings and process them completely.

5. As you are doing this, focus on the area of your body where you feel this feeling of Panic, Fear, Worry, Anxiety, Guilt, or Shame, and release the energy block in your body.

Once you have this emotional and physical release then you will be able to DO with positive, happy, joyful, and abundant emotions that will then allow you to HAVE.

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