Iron Body Client, Meghan Forman, Success Story: The 28-Day Kettlebell SHRED – Part I

This is Part One of a series of testimonials with Iron Body client Meghan Forman. Meghan lost 6.3lbs in 28-Days and then another .7lbs by day 35 for a total of 7lbs lost by day 35. “How?” You ask? By training with Kettlebells with Iron Body Training Systems 3-4 days per week as opposed to her usual once per week. Here is her story…

“I met Artemis a few years ago and recently followed her to Iron Body Studios. Since then I’ve started to swing bells 3 times a week. It’s been 4 weeks and I’ve lost 6.3lbs! I never considered myself to be “unfit” but I have never seen such great results! I’m melting fat and finding muscle more than ever! I can’t wait to see what another 4 weeks will bring! Thank you Artemis and Eric! Whatever you’re doing is working!” ~Meghan Forman, Client since 2009.

 About Meghan

Meghan has been training with me going on 3 years now. In the 3 years that I have known Meghan, she has always exercised consistently, had good nutrition and never appeared to me as someone who needed to lose weight or make any drastic changes with her health and fitness routine. When she started training with me she would attend my kettlebell classes once per week. This past year Meghan had some changes that threw her off of her regular exercise and eating routine – a job change, more responsibility at her new job, a personal life event and then the holidays.

Throughout all of these events she continued to make her one kettlebell class per week, but she had trouble staying on top of her nutrition and even though she was attending one kettlebell class per week, she didn’t feel like she was in a good routine.

After the holidays on January 2, 2012, Meghan came to me and told me that she had fallen out of her exercise and proper nutrition routine and over all just didn’t feel good about where she was at health and fitness wise. She told me that she wanted to get back into her routine, lose weight and feel good about her body by the time she left for a cruise she has planned for April 15, 2012.

In order to do this she purchased an Iron Body Studios’ 30-day unlimited class card and signed up to participate in a “Biggest Loser” contest with her friends. Her plan was to attend kettlebell classes 3 to 4 times per week, instead of her regular once per week and to have a little extra motivation to stay on track with the weekly weight in’s from the Biggest Loser contest she was participating in. She didn’t expect to win the Biggest Loser competition, as comparatively she did not have as much to lose as some others participating, but she just wanted to have the extra motivation and accountability.

January 2, 2012: Day 1 of the 28-day Kettlebell Shred. Meghan weighed in at 146lbs.

January 2 – January 30, 2012: Meghan attended on average 3-4 kettlebell classes per week, as opposed to her previous routine of once per week. She consistently attended Mondays, Wednesdays & Fridays and then occasionally attended Sunday classes. Eric and I balanced her training days accordingly and helped her to train one heavy day per week. She got back on track with her nutrition, focusing on lean protein and vegetables, drank ample water and made sure that she was eating about every 3 hours so that she was never left to feel ravenous.

January 30, 2012: Day 28 of the 28-Day Kettlebell Shred, this was also the last day and final weigh in of the Biggest Loser contest, Meghan weighed in to discover that she had lost 6.3lbs, more than 4% of her original bodyweight from Day 1 when she weighed in at 146lbs.

After Meghan learned that she had lost 6.3lbs she sent me this text message:

“Hey! I just wanted to let you know that today was the final weigh in for the contest I did with my friends and thanks to you and Eric I won! I’m down over 4% from my starting weight and I’ve lost 6.3lbs *GRIN*! Thanks for keeping me motivated! Whatever it is we’re doing it’s def working! I haven’t lost this much weight in a long time so I’m so excited!” ~Meghan Forman, Client since 2009.

7 days later, on February 6, Meghan weighed herself again to discover that she had lost another .7lbs for a total of a 7lbs weight loss in 35 days.

Below is Part I of Meghan’s video testimonial with Iron Body Training Systems:

Meghan renewed her 30-day unlimited class card and continues to attend kettlebell classes at Iron Body Studios 3-4 days per week. We plan to meet with Meghan two more times before her scheduled cruise on April 15, 2012 in order to document her progress and any more weight lost.

Whether your goal is a wedding, a vacation, a re-union, or simply that you’re fed up with where you are at in terms of your (lack of) health and fitness routine, and you want to see results in 4 weeks or less, the 45-day Kettlebell Shred will get you there.

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