Client Success Story – Melinda R., Iron Body Studios’ Client Since 2010

Melinda R. is an Iron Body Studios’ Client since 2010.  She previously wrote about her testimony to training with Artemis of Iron Body Studios and now a few months later she has achieved additional progress with her strength gains and body transformation.  Melinda is a mother of three and developmed abdominal diastasis during her third pregnancy.  As a result, she was not able to bounce back to her pre-pregancy shape the way that she did after having her first two children and in fact was unsure if she would regain her pre-pregancy abdominal strength.  Through her consistent kettlebell training with Artemis, who is certified to train the pregnant and post-partum client, she is now stronger than ever before.  Melinda briefly writes about this in her testimonial addition.

I continue to be amazed at how training with kettlebells transforms my body.  I never imagined that after having 3 kids I could be this strong and fit!  I am one who thrives on consistency and apparently consistency works well for me when it comes to exercise (laundry is another story altogether!).  I realized that since I began training with Artemis 1.5 years ago there has not been a single week when I didn’t do some sort of exercise, and I think there hasn’t even been a week where I didn’t train with kettlebells, even if it was only once and for 20 minutes (when I was on vacation).  It’s a priority for me because I believe it’s an important part of my staying healthy and being strong, and it keeps me sane!

You might think that training with kettlebells 3x per week for 1.5 years would get boring, but it never does!  Just when you think you understand something as basic as the swing, you learn something new about it, whether it’s the way you use your hips, the position of your head, the shape of the swing itself.  I have found that in doing regular everyday tasks I can engage certain muscles (like my abs when I am turning a corner in the car) and other everyday tasks become much easier (carrying several bags of groceries from the car, carrying a suitcase up a flight of stairs).  It’s also fun to do things like squats with my 10 year old on my back!

Seems obvious, but what I do WITH my body affects what happens TO my body.  But I never set out specifically to lose weight or ever dreamed of being able to SEE my abs, but by practicing kettlebells in order to strengthen my body from within to prevent injury and improve my other forms of exercise, I am seeing the “side effects” of this practice which is showing me a strong body that I am really proud of; and I love kettlebells!  I am so excited about how far I have come and thrilled to see where I am going.

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