Iron Body Studios’ Client Sharon Carrieri, Client since 2009 (Part II)

Sharon Carrieri has lost 25 pounds, from 164 pounds to 139 pounds, and 4 pants sizes within 9 months by training with kettlebells 3 to 4 times per week.

Here is Part TWO of her Iron Body story…

So June has arrived and the pictures I promised have been taken but before you scroll down understand this… It is not the end. This is a lifestyle I have full intentions of continuing…the sky is the limit! What I have learned and been humbled by with practicing the RKC style of kettlebell training is that it’s an original yet evolving training method. Continually improving and correcting your most basic movements WILL improve your strength, flexibility and absolutely fire the fat burning process.

As of this morning I’m weighing in at 139 lbs. That is a total weight loss off 25lbs in 9 months.  That might not sound like a lot to most but for me it’s huge! I have gained lean muscle and dropped 4 pant sizes. I had on a pair of jeans the other day that I never dreamed possible of fitting into. I’ve purchased a size small on more than one occasion. When I hit a rack of clothes it’s safe to grab a size 6. Most importantly I feel good on the inside. I have always said… I work out for sanity NOT vanity but now I have also found ENERGY!

I have NEVER EVER been a morning person the mere thought of 6:00am is or should I say was always plain old annoying to me… but believe it or not I’ve been leaving for the gym at 5:40am with out a scowl on my face for 3 weeks now.  Actually I’m thoroughly enjoying it! My boys are out of school… we don’t do camp and having my mother-in-law watch them while they are sleeping is the only way I can fit my workouts into my schedule.

I LOVE this new life I have found. I LOVE reading and making Melinda’s recipes, I LOVE swinging again with Meghan, I LOVE that I have been able to reconnect with my dear friend Trisha and get a workout in at the same time. Truthfully and most importantly I LOVE not having daily pain and being able to workout consistently!

Most recently I have “gone back to the basics” as Eric & Artemis put it!

Artemis is now RKC level II certified and Eric has completed his CK-FMS (Certified Kettlebell Functional Movement Specialist).  Which means they have been able to train me, if this is possible, more efficiently than ever!

The thoughts I used to have about using heavier and heavier weight isn’t so important to me anymore but being able to fully engage my whole body while doing grind and ballistic movements seem to be taking over. Packed shoulders, hip hinge, aligning my feet, fluid movements, controlled breathing, coming straight up not over extending my back these are just “some” of the many thoughts that race thru my mind in a basic swing. My next goal is to find some symmetry for this new body of mine. I don’t have consistent pain anymore but I know that I’m “tight” and not able to fully work to my potential because of it.  I’m going to have Eric do a FMS screen on me and use the information to improve my mobility even more.

These next two months are going to be hard (as far as my training). My kids are out of school and we are heading to the beach for the summer.  I won’t have Artemis and Eric to keep me going. I will however have “MY bells” and the gift of their knowledge to keep this journey going. This is a way of life for me… if RKC kettlebell training can make me feel this good in such a short period of time, I look forward to where it can take me…I’ll keep you all posted 🙂

Thank you, Artemis & Eric!



You told me to believe, you took me under your wing I did everything you said…NO running for the past 6 months (for those of you who did have not yet read my previous testimonial I have chondromilacia – anterior knee pain due to irritation of the cartilage on the undersurface of the kneecap – in both knees and back issues that are a result of 10 years of lifting and delivering packages for one of the largest delivery services in the world), followed an 80/20 clean diet (for those that don’t know what that means… 80% of the time I was really aware of what went into my mouth…so yes people I had birthday cake at kid parties and a slice of pizza but not regularly) but most importantly I showed up! I swung, cleaned, snatched, pressed, planked and did more of the things I hate 😉 faithfully showing up 4 days a week… we made it happen.

The monthly-unlimited pass to Iron Body Studios changed my life! I will forever be grateful to you. You have not only been there for me physically but emotionally.  You are an amazing person, trainer and now such a dear friend I love you and forever will be there to support you in any way I can.

Your Iron Body Mamma,

Sharon Carrieri

Front View

BEFORE – September 2011

BEFORE – March 2012

NOW – June 2012

Side View

BEFORE – September 2011

BEFORE – March 2012

NOW – June 2012

Back View

BEFORE – September 2011

BEFORE – March 2012

NOW – June 2012

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