Improve your Get-up = Improve your One Hand Swing

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A few weeks ago my Iron Body Studios Co-Owner, Eric Gahan, developed a training session geared towards improving the get-up and one-hand swing.  As an Athletic Trainer who has a great eye for movement, Eric has the intuitive ability to sequence movements for maximal improvement.  I am fortunate to be able to work with him daily, as I learn something new from him almost every day.

Today I decided to follow the training session he developed, for my get-up practice.

On Thursdays I usually train 3 sets of 3 consecutive repetitions with either 18kg (40lbs) or 20kg (44lbs) or some combination of the two weights.  The training session that Eric developed is comprised of movements that break down the get-up paired with one-hand swings.  I chose to do all of the movements with 18kg (40lbs), and it worked out very well.

I modified his program slightly and added a few things in (naturally I must add my flavor 😉 haha!)…

  • After the 1/2 kneeling windmill I added a get-up to standing and then a step back to a drop step lunge x3 repetitions.  I also added a set of one-hand swings after this segment.
  • To finish I added in 3 full get-ups.  I also added a set of one-hand swings after this segment.

By adding in these additional movements and swings, the total number of swings completed is 120 swings, 60 swings per side.

The training session is structured so that you do all the movements on right side first and then repeat all the movements on the left side.  Choose a bell that you can comfortably complete multiple sets of 3 consecutive get-ups.  It should take about 20 minutes, 25 minutes tops, to complete the sequence of get-ups and swings.  It took me ~23 minutes and I was not rushing.

You can read about and follow Eric’s get-up and one-hand swing training session HERE.

Happy training and remember to practice get-ups every time you train!

24kg (53lbs) Get-up,  2 Consecutive Repetitions

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