ALARM CLOCKS ARE STUPID. You’re supposed to wake up when you’re finished sleeping!

The other day I was listening to Randy Gage on the podcast – The Quote of The Day Show (my FAVORITE podcast btw) and during his talk he said, “An alarm clock, isn’t that the dumbest invention you’ve ever heard of? You’re supposed to wake up when you’re finished sleeping!”

HA! This made me LOL and I could completely relate to this as pertains to both hormone balance and business.

After Eric and I closed our gym at the end of 2016 and I moved to Vegas in 2017, I was as burnt out as a crispy piece of black toast. I needed to not wake up to an alarm for a good long time and I vowed never to wake up at 4/4:30 AM ever again unless it was to catch a plane.

For 8 years of my life I woke up between 4/4:30 AM 5 days/week (5:30 AM was “sleeping in”) to train clients or teach a class, and artificially fueled my cortisol with mass quantities of caffeine so that I could function early in the AM and get through my days. As a result, my cortisol was not normal and my circadian rhythm not regulated.

At that time, I could sleep for 10 hours and not feel rested. This is not normal. If your cortisol and circadian rhythm are normal, then you should be able to sleep for 7-8.5 hours, wake up naturally and feel rested.

After we closed our gym my goals were:

  • Regulate both my circadian rhythm and cortisol.
  • Grow my online business so that I had the FREEDOM to make my own schedule and wake up a normal hour that was HEALTHY for me.

It took almost 2 years to achieve both, but by the end of 2019:

  • My coaching business was 100% online + hit 100K in annual revenue.
  • I was finally in a schedule of going to bed between 10/10:30 PM and naturally waking up, WITHOUT AN ALARM, after 8.5 hours of sleep, between 6:30/7 AM feeling rested.

Since being the boss lady of my own online business, I make my own schedule that works best for my health and productivity and I no longer wake up to an alarm to at 4 AM and I never will again (unless I’m catching a plane).

Can you relate to the struggle of the 4 AM wake-up call?

Are you a fitness professional who wants to get off the hamster wheel of ass crack early start times and split shifts and build your online business?

Do you feel trapped in the Coach Archetype as you constantly take care of your clients and never yourself?

Do you want the EMPOWERMENT of owning your own online business?

Do you want the freedom to make your own schedule?

Do you want to FINALLY transition from personal trainer and solopreneur to leader and entrepreneur?

Do you want more personal and financial freedom?

If you answered YES to any of these questions, I CAN HELP YOU!

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