All that coconut you’re eating could be causing you to have Coconut Belly.

Maybe you’ve heard of Wheat Belly, but have you heard of Coconut Belly?

Last April I posted about how I stopped eating coconut. Due to my family history of heart disease, my physician advised that I consume more healthy, unsaturated fats like avocado and stay away from an abundance of saturated fats like coconut.

After he highlighted that coconut was a saturated fat, I realized how much coconut I was consuming on a DAILY basis:

  • Coconut oil for cooking.
  • Coconut milk and shredded coconut in my overnight oats.
  • Figgy Pop snacks.

I immediately eliminated all coconut and made the following changes:

  • Switched to avocado oil.
  • Switched to unsweetened almond milk.
  • Eliminated both shredded coconut and Figgy Pop snacks.

Recently I started to eat coconut again:

  • Coconut milk.
  • Coconut wraps.
  • Coconut filled snacks like Emmy’s cookies and Barnana Bites.
  • PLUS I usually have coconut water as my workout carb.

Last week, something I ate pissed off my stomach. My stomach was extremely bloated to the point that I felt like I had led in my stomach, plus gas.

I mentioned it to my husband Eric, who then asked me, “How much coconut have you been consuming? Coconut is a high FODMAP and is high in the sugar alcohol sorbitol, so if you’ve been eating too much and your stomach can’t handle it, then you will have abdominal distress.”

I listed everything coconut I ate that day – 6oz coconut water, 8oz coconut milk, a coconut wrap, 2 Barnana Bites. It was A LOT of coconut! PLUS, I had been consuming coconut daily, which means the cumulative effect could have also contributed to my stomach upset.

I immediately eliminated all the coconut (again) and finally 3 days later my stomach started to feel better.

As a nutrition coach, one of the things that I’ve noticed is that coconut is in EVERYTHING! It is the miracle healthy fat and ultimate gluten free substitute. So, the prevalence of coconut is also a common theme that comes up when I do a diet audit for my 1:1 clients.

As delicious and healthy coconut is, it is a HIGH FODMAP and a SATURATED FAT, so it should be consumed in moderation.

Did you know that coconut is a high FODMAP?

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