When to FIRE your Business Coach

What makes us different from other business coaches👇🏽…

Recently, one of our clients shared with us the experience that someone very close to our client was having in another business coaching program.

Through our conversation, we learned that this program was bringing this person down, rather than lifting them up AND sending them off into spiraling moments of comparison, lack and scarcity. 

These coaches were charging A LOT of money and were not helping their clients with:

  • Identifying their Ideal Client Avatar
  • Creating programs and offers that align with their ideal client avatar AND themselves
  • A framework for pricing their offers 
  • How to do transformational sales 
  • Working through limiting beliefs, from money mindset to self-worth, that are blocking business growth.

When I learned this, I said to Eric, 

“THIS is why business coaches get a bad name. 

THIS is why some people think business coaching is a scam.”

The personal development work is JUST AS, if not MORE important than the business fundamentals like social media marketing, creating offers, systems, and lead generation.

YET, A LOT of business coaching programs don’t address it.

PLUS, it’s a no brainer that if you sign up for a business coaching program that there should be a framework to follow in order to build your business that includes everything listed above and MORE.

I know this because, not only did our conversation with our client make this clear, but also, 

  1. A few years ago, Eric purchased a business DIY program that taught some online business basics, but taught people to low-ball their offers, and nothing about how to develop a lead magnet that serves as an intro offer for a higher ticket offer, OR any personal development. 


  1. I had a personal experience with this.

A few years ago I signed up for a group coaching program that took me through the fundamental steps of social media marketing, creating my basic offers, and lead generation.

BUT, it DID NOT address (to name a few…), 

  • Personal Development
  • Energy Management
  • The when’s and why’s of hiring a team
  • Advanced, higher ticket offerings to help you grow your business
  • Any financial system guidance so that you are not a subject of “Entrepreneurial Poverty”.

When deciding whether or not to continue on with this coach’s mastermind program, even though this coach’s program taught me enough to get to 6-figures, I decided not to enroll in this coach’s mastermind program because I did not think that this coach was capable of helping me to grow my business to multiple 6-figures and my ultimate goal, 7-figures.

This is why I went on to find another coach, my current coach and her mastermind program.

I knew, without a doubt, that my current coach and her mastermind program would help me to do the personal development work that I needed to (plus more!) in order to get to multiple 6-figures and beyond.

More and more, Eric and I are learning that MANY other business group coaching programs and DIYs DO NOT,

  • Help you to work through limiting beliefs, from money mindset to self-worth, that are blocking business growth.
  • Help you to overcome behavioral challenges, like procrastination, that hinder productivity.
  • Teach energy management strategies that help you to be more productive, feel free, and foster creativity and growth in your business.
  • Teach you the when, why, and how to hire a team so that you can have the support you need as you grow your business. 
  • Teach you both basic offers like 1:1, group coaching, and DIYs, PLUS advanced offers like online and in-person live events and workshops, courses, and mentorship programs.
  • Provide you with a system to develop an annual launch calendar so that you can project your quarterly and annual revenue.
  • Teach you to set up your business according to “Profit First”, a financial system that PAYS YOU FIRST.

In our >>> EmpowerU Business Academy <<<, you get the whole kit and kaboodle.


THIS is what sets us apart and our clients will testify that we are “SO much more than business coaches!”

Not only do we change people’s businesses, BUT ALSO,


Tune into our EmpowerU Business Academy (EBA) student and NOW EBA Support Coach, Erica Villani’s testimonial and success story…

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Sending Vibes of Positivity & Abundance,

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