My journey to the 315lbs deadlift

After I completed the Iron Maiden Challenge in 2014, I needed a new goal.

During the 3 years that I trained for the IM, I trained ONLY with kettlebells and bodyweight and the heaviest I would deadlift was double 48kg kettlebells (212lbs) for 5 sets of 5 reps.

I needed a new focus and decided to get back to the barbell and learn more about powerlifting.

Before I hired a coach, I wanted to see how much I could deadlift. I put 225lbs on the bar and the weight flew up. At 115lbs that was almost 2x my bodyweight!

One week later I tried 245lbs, which was 2x bodyweight+15lbs. Even though I needed to work on my technique, I pulled the weight with ease.

Then at a powerlifting seminar with Tony Bonvechio and Greg Robins, Owners of The Strength House (and formerly coaches for Cressey Sports Performance), I deadlifted 250lbs.

After that seminar I hired Tony as my coach and began to train for my first powerlifting meet with a goal to pull 300lbs.

Within 6 weeks I pulled 275lbs.

Then 6 weeks later at the powerlifting meet I pulled 300lbs at 115lbs, easy.

After that meet, I craved a heavier PR.

I had experienced the thrill and empowerment of ripping a sh*t ton of weight off the floor and these initial PRs came easy.

From there I set out on my quest for 315lbs.

This training cycle was harder. I felt physically weaker. I knew I had to tap into my mental toughness to make it happen.

315 didn’t come easy. It took 15 months to get there and training days like 5×5 @255lbs which literally made me want to vomit… BUT I wanted it so badly that I stuck with it…

And then, when it happened, just like 300lbs, it felt easy! (You can watch videos of all of these deadlift moments in this instagram post HERE.)

What I learned was:

1. Ripping a sh*t ton of weight off the floor is so empowering.

2. The mental toughness you build in training carries over to real life.

The combination of the 2 produce GAME CHANGING results, especially for your clients. 

This is why I used to teach these 2 things at the workshop I Am Not Afraid To Lift® AND why I always finished the workshop with women deadlifting a sh*t ton of weight like a FORCE to a playlist of their favorite walk out songs.

I am teaching the ways of the POWER of this workshop and 3 others in the I Am Not Afraid To Lift® mentorship.

There are 7 spots left in the program and for anyone who signs up between today and Tuesday October 5, you will be entered into a raffle to win 2 full days of 1:1 VOXER business coaching with me.

We start October 13.

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Passing EMPOWERMENT on to you , like a FORCE 💪🏽💥,


P.S. I am teaching a FREE Masterclass on the Deadlift THIS Wednesday 10/6 at 4pm Pacific Time, LIVE via a private FB group. To join this free masterclass, send me a request to join the FB group HERE .

You will learn,

  • How I teach the deadlift with the kettlebell and the barbell
  • The kettlebell deadlift
  • The barbell deadlift
  • The wedge
  • The difference stances (sumo+conventional), their advantages & disadvantages, details of set-up
  • How to choose your deadlift stance
  • How to help your clients choose their deadlift stance
  • Cues like, “you have a strong push to have a strong pull”
  • How to apply all of this to your clients and why when teaching the deadlift to your clients that you should always teach them the kettlebell deadlift FIRST.

Join the FB group HERE.

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