I forgot what freedom felt like until I left the house to buy my husband a birthday cake…

At the beginning of the pandemic and quarantine, since I own an online business and work from home, not much in my life changed.

My normal life was already, “self-quarantine”, with the occasional trip to a cycling or yoga class, or to run errands or get a haircut or mani/pedi.

Or so I thought, anyway…

Three weeks into the quarantine, IT HIT ME.

Since Eric does the grocery shopping, I hadn’t left the house in THREE WEEKS.

As a result, I was struggling to stay positive, motivated, inspired, and to FEEL GOOD.

That week was rough.

I did EVERYTHING to try and lift my spirits –

  • listen to extra episodes of the Quote of The Day Show Podcast
  • take Bruno for extra walks
  • listen to upbeat music and dance in my garage during my training
  • I even made a “LOVE” playlist

That week past, and my mood improved…

and like we all do as humans, I adjusted.

BUT I know that, whether I realized it or not, my mood that week was the result of sustaining EXTREME STRESS for an EXTENDED period of time.

Then two Saturdays ago, on April 25, I left the house for the first time in two weeks.

It was Eric’s birthday and I wanted to buy him a birthday cake.

I got into my car, pulled out of the driveway, and exited the gates of our gated community.

As I drove down the street, it felt like the skies opened up and the angels started to sing.

I felt like a huge weight had been lifted off of my shoulders, and the freedom and joy that a child feels when she gets out of school for summer vacation.


A feeling of freedom that I had not felt in a very long time.

All because I left the house to go to the store to buy Eric a birthday cake.

These feelings were the result of experiencing the stress of the pandemic and quarantine for 6 weeks.

They were the result of not only being confined to our gated community, but also,

Hearing about the impact of the pandemic on lives and businesses every time I turned on the news or read an article online, AND

Waiting patiently to receive news about when we would be released back into our “new normal” and be able to resume everyday things that we took for granted, like getting our haircut.

Whether you realize it or not, the pandemic and quarantine are EXTREME STRESS on your mind and body.

When you sustain high stress for an extended period of time, your cortisol can become dysregulated and it can cause other hormone imbalances like your sex hormones and thyroid.

I explain more about this in the video at the end of this post… 

The only thing that can regulate cortisol are nutrition and lifestyle changes related to,

  • Eliminating/reducing caffeine
  • Regulating your circadian rhythm and sleep/wake cycle
  • Proper supplementation like vitamins C and E, which your adrenals need in order to produce cortisol

And MANY OTHER THINGS that I cover in the ==> 45-Day Hormone Reset <==

That’s why, in order to help you recover from the stress of the pandemic and quarantine, Eric and I repackaged the ==> 45-Day Hormone Reset <== into a stand-alone, self-paced course.

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Sending you vibes of positivity & abundance!




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