When my arms grow up they want to look like yours

When I’m training in my garage alone or hanging out with my STRONG strength and fitness coach friends, my muscles and my strength are normal.

It’s just another day at the office where weighted pull-ups, 50lbs overhead presses, and 2.5x bodyweight deadlifts are the norm, and even expected.

BUT when I leave my house, I’m reminded that I am the exception.

That my muscles and my strength are not “average” and in fact are somewhat “superhuman”.

It never fails, anytime I leave my house to run errands and my muscles are showing, or attend a group class at a studio gym, I always receive comments about my physique or get asked questions to find out why I look the way I do:

“Do you do CrossFit?”

I was just at a class last week and someone asked me this.

“When my arms grow up they want to look like your arms.”

A woman said this to me a few weeks ago at a class.

“What is your sport?”

This question was the best one yet…

A few years ago I was at a Natural Grocers in Iowa (I was there to teach an I Am Not Afraid To Lift® workshop at Grit Gym ) and a man asked me, “What is your sport?”.

I responded to him and explained that I am a strength, fitness, and nutrition coach and I own my own online coaching business.

Then he shared with me that before he asked me he was trying to guess what my sport was. His guesses were,

1️⃣ CrossFit (it never fails that this is always the number one assumption🙄).

2️⃣ Rowing (maybe because of my arms🤷🏻‍♀️?).

And then finally, and this was seriously the best guess EVER


That was a new one!

I also get asked, “Are you a physique competitor?”.


I like to lift heavy things up and put them down and if I’m going to compete it’s going to be for strength or performance and not to starve myself just to show off my muscles for 1 day with a spray tan, stripper shoes, and bedazzled bikini.

If that’s your thing, great, power to you, but it is NOT my thing.

Here’s the thing though, I don’t just look good, I’m also really mother f*cking strong.

The irony is that I’ve never been a physique competitor or trained bodybuilding style, yet through the programs I write for myself (and my clients) and my training methods, I’ve built a physique that looks the part.

I built this body not because I focused on physique change, but because I focused on training for specific strength and performance goals.

As a result, the muscles and the physique arrived.

So if physique change is your goal, train for strength and performance and first, you’ll get so strong that you’ll stop caring about the physique part, BUT then you WILL end up with the kick ass body you want🔥.

I’m one of the best in the business to help you with this😉.

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Helping you to get really m-fing strong and achieve your physique goals as a result,


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