How You Know If Your Intuition Is Telling You NO

ICYMI 👀 I blew up my business about 2 months ago and I’ve been sharing a lot about it on social media and in podcast interviews.

A few weeks ago, I sat down with my friend and colleague Mike Kurkowski, to chat with him on his podcast The Strength Connection.

On this episode of The Strength Connection Podcast  → Ep. 7, “Owing Your Worth”, I share some of the juicy details about what in my business changed and why, as well as the importance of OWNING your worth in your business when it comes to the prices you charge and the things you say “Yes” to.

You can listen to the podcast >>> HERE.

I also went live on Instagram to share even more details about why I blew up my business, what I’m doing now, and what Eric is doing now.

On this IG live I talk about how if you feel like you HAVE TO DO something or if something doesn’t feel good, in or outside your business, that’s your intuition telling you NOT TO DO IT and that “thing” is not in alignment.

When you force something that isn’t in alignment, you go against universal energy bringing you abundance and flow.

WHICH MEANS, if you continue to force the path of resistance then you will block joy, abundance, and flow (and flow relates to money) in your business and life.

You can watch the full IG Live and learn all of my lessons in scaling and how you know when your intuition is telling you to change the course in your business on YouTube >>> HERE

Sending you vibes of positivity, abundance, and FLOW,


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