When you can do more pull-ups than the guy at the gym…

It’s Sunday “Story Time” again 😉 …

In 2009 I moved from Arlington, VA back to my hometown of Newton, MA and worked for a commercial gym until Eric and I opened our own gym in 2011.

One day I was training at this commercial gym and going through a circuit of exercises which included pull-ups.

I wanted to use the pull-up bar, but there was a guy using it and doing multiple sets.

So I asked him, “Can I work in with you?”

He looked at me very seriously and said, “Not if you do more pull-ups than me.”

I replied, “I can’t guarantee that.”

Which was the truth.

I saw his pull-up skills, and knew mine, and it was clear that I was stronger at pull-ups than he was.

In 2008, after I learned that I could do pull-ups, I did them every time I trained and got really skilled and strong at them.

So strong that…

→ I intimidate guys at the gym when they see me do pull-ups.

→ I regularly train sets of 10 pull-ups.

→ My max set of overhand grip pull-up as of the last time I tested it is 18 pull-ups.

→ I can do a 24 (53lbs) pull-up on call, any day, anytime.

→ My heaviest weighted prone grip pull-up as of the last time I tested it is 30kg (66lbs).

→ My heaviest neutral grip the last time I tested is 32kg (70lbs).

→ I even dabble in different body weight variations of the pull-up such as L-Sit pull-ups…

→ and alternating grip, explosive pull-ups.

(you can watch videos of all of these pull-ups HERE.)

I LOVE to play around with and test my strength in all variations of the pull-up because I think pull-ups are FUN!

By following the “Attack the Bar” pull-up program, YOU WILL TOO!

Maybe you hate pull-ups because they are hard and you’ve decided that you are not good at them…

BUT, I promise you, with just a FEW MINUTES per day with the Attack the Bar pull-up program, you will master the pull-up and become a pull-up BEAST… 

AND then YOU TOO will start to think that pull-ups are FUN and will want to test your strength with all types of pull-ups!

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Helping you to do pull-ups better than the dudes at the gym,


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