New Adventures In Strength Training


Two weeks ago my friend and colleague Zack Henderson was visiting Las Vegas so we got together at my house for a little StrongFirst Level II skills review in my garage gym and a quick 20 minute video interview to follow-up to my last podcast interview with him.
We chatted about:
  • Closing Iron Body Studios;
  • My move to Las Vegas;
  • My new position with Cirque du Soleil (as well as Eric’s);
  • Strength and skill carryover from kettlebell lifting to barbell lifting;
  • The synergy of an integrated kettlebell and barbell lifting program;
  • How I built triceps that look like loaves of bread… JUST KIDDING! But they are in full force during the entire video interview;
  • …and so much more!
Tune in below…

Also, in case you missed it, in honor of the fat burning and strength building power of the kettlebell and getting shredded for spring and summer, we just published Levels II through IV of our Iron Body Shred online training program, so now all four levels are available on

The Iron Body Shred program is a 45-Day* program (*each level is 45-days/6-weeks) comprised of kettlebell swing metabolic conditioning paired with a strength movement. This program is geared towards fat loss, increasing lean body mass (i.e. getting shredded hence the name, “Iron Body Shred” 😉 ), and building strength endurance.

Whether your goal is a wedding, a vacation, a re-union, or simply that you’re fed up with where you are at in terms of your (lack of) health and fitness routine, and you want to start to see results in 6 weeks or less, the 45-day Kettlebell Shred will get you there. This program will get you started to a more defined, lean, and fit YOU! You will move better, move stronger, and feel great.

For more advanced lifters, the Iron Body Shred is also the perfect program to follow if you are just coming off an intense block of strength programming and need something geared towards metabolic conditioning and strength endurance for a change.

We had tremendous success with this program when we implemented it at our studio in Boston, and the same success with online training clients who followed the Iron Body Shred Level I program online.

Learn more and purchase one or all four levels of this program HERE.


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