If you missed my Facebook and Instagram LIVE broadcast today about the safest and most effective way to start the kettlebell swing, you can watch the replay below… Learn all about the kettlebell swing, kettlebell training, and hardstyle training principles at my StrongFirst Kettlebell Course on March 25, 2018 (NEXT SUNDAY!) at Life Time Athletic-Summerlin, Las Vegas, NV. Sign-up HERE Deadline to register is THIS WEDNESDAY March 21, 2018.  Sign-up HERE In case you… Read More

Two weeks ago my friend and colleague Zack Henderson was visiting Las Vegas so we got together at my house for a little StrongFirst Level II skills review in my garage gym and a quick 20 minute video interview to follow-up to my last podcast interview with him. We chatted about: Closing Iron Body Studios; My move to Las Vegas; My new position with Cirque du Soleil (as well as Eric’s); Strength… Read More

In addition to being a fat incinerator and superhuman strength builder, there are so many reasons why I love kettlebells and the kettlebell swing. Listed below are 10 of these reasons… Also, in honor of the power of kettlebells we just published Levels II through IV of our Iron Body Shred online training program, so now all four levels are available on The Iron Body Shred program is a 45-Day* program… Read More

The “T-Rex Swing” falls under the “Don’ts” of “Kettlebell Swing Do’s And Don’ts” but unfortunately I see it all too often. The “T-Rex Swing”, also known as the KFC (Kentucky Fried Chicken Swing) because the arms in the finish of the swing resemble chicken wings, or as my Iron Body Studios Co-Owner Eric Gahan very cleverly referred to it as, the “Horsey Swing”, because the arms in the finish of the swing… Read More

The Turkish Get-Up is a fantastic movement that, in my book of programming, is very useful and a daily essential for all ages. For adults, the get-up is important because it brings us back to the ground.  As adults we don’t spend enough time doing groundwork, and getting up and down from the ground. Subsequently, we can lose ease with this skill and even lose it completely if we do not practice… Read More

Do you know if I am about to do a kettlebell swing, clean, or snatch in this picture? NO, you don’t and that’s how it should be. All single arm kettlebell ballistics, (e.g. one arm swing, single kettlebell clean, single kettlebell snatch), have one thing in common; the body position on the back swing. Whether you are going to do a single arm kettlebell swing, clean, or snatch the starting body position… Read More

This past weekend I taught a StrongFirst Kettlebell User Course at Iron Body Studios and someone asked me the question, “How far back into your hips should you sit when doing a kettlebell swing?” My answer, “As far back as you possibly can, as your hip mobility will allow you, while still maintaining a neutral spine, as long as you don’t look like Jillian Michaels.” There are so many things wrong with… Read More

Have you signed up for my Holiday Swing Challenge yet?? Stay sane and in shape through the holidays and join me for my Holiday Swing Challenge! Last December I did the 10,000 swings in 28-days workout plan.  This December I will be running my own swing challenge and I hope that you will join me. The kettlebell swing challenge is about staying committed to your fitness routine through the holidays. Just because the… Read More

Recently on my Iron Body By Artemis Facebook Page I received a comment asking me, “What are YOU doing in the gym these days?”  Typically after a person works diligently for a long period of time towards a specific goal, there are a few months where it’s necessary to take both a mental and physical break from such intensity.  I remember after I tested for my Kung Fu black belt, in the… Read More