4-Week Holiday Consistency Challenge!


The holidays can be a tough time to stay consistent with workouts and to stay on top of one’s nutrition. It helps to have regular planned workouts to follow over the course of the week as well as a coach to check in with to hold you accountable.

I created a training group on my app on Exercise.com to help you do just that – to stay consistent with your workouts and to have regular check-ins with me to hold you accountable to your workouts.

The Iron Body By Artemis 4-week Consistency Challenge starts THIS SUNDAY December 2, 2018 and goes through the month of December.  

Sign up starts TODAY! 

In the group you will have access to 4 different programs to choose from, one 3-day program, and three 4-day programs as well as a BONUS of my Holiday Swing Challenge 5-day plan in case you want to get in some extra swings on a given training day or on the “off” days of the program that you choose to follow.

What you get:

  • Access to 4 different programs to choose from plus one bonus program;
  • Access to my private online training Facebook group;
  • Direct online coaching from me;
  • Direct weekly check-ins from me;
  • Direct program/workout guidance from me
  • Lifetime price – this means you pay one flat rate, one time, & you have access to the group FOREVER!

I will help you to select your training program if necessary and check in with the group on a weekly basis to make sure everyone is staying on track with their workouts. I also expect members of the group to post status updates, videos, photos, questions or confessions 😉 about workouts and even nutrition.

If you need accountability to stay on track with your workouts during the holidays then this group is for you! Who’s in???

SIGN UP  ==> HERE <==
Yours in Strength,
Artemis Scantalides
Iron Body Training Systems &
I Am Not Afraid To Lift® Workshops
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