I’m Not Perfect

As a coach, sometimes people see me as superhuman. However, just like my clients, I am human, and my health, fitness, nutrition and hormone balance are a daily practice and lifelong journey.

Last fall I was diagnosed with Stage 2 Adrenal Dysfunction, also commonly known as “Adrenal Fatigue”. My cortisol was basically a flat line day and night. Even though it remained below normal throughout the day and night, it would go up around 10pm and would stay up through the night. Then it would hit a normal level between 8-9am. This is not the first time that I have had challenges with my cortisol and adrenals. I also struggled with different challenges in 2017 after Eric and I moved from Boston to Las Vegas due to,

  • consistent stress of owning our facility in Boston;
  • balancing that with my online business, speaking engagements, workshop and travel schedule;
  • closing our facility;
  • an interstate move;
  • having to start all over personally and professionally in a city that I had never visited prior to moving.

The CURRENT STATE of my adrenals is probably due to,

  • stress of balancing multiple jobs last year as I transitioned my business 100% online;
  • overextending myself as I worked to grow my online business;
  • following a sleep/wake and activity schedule that did not optimally support my circadian rhythm as a result of working for Cirque du Soleil, PLUS how Eric’s “night-shift” like schedule at Cirque affected me as his spouse.

This caused my adrenals to no longer be able to support the cortisol production I needed to maintain a healthy cortisol wave through the day. As a result, I ended up with low cortisol, that my physician and I predict, could be the reason I have struggled to regulate my low thyroid and Hashimoto’s.

To improve adrenal health, Eric and I have worked hard to implement the following lifestyle changes to regulate our cortisol:

  • an adrenal support supplement plan that helps to optimize regular cortisol levels;
  • changed our sleep/wake cycle to in bed by no later than 10:30pm and up between 6:30am/7am, 7 days/week – (this was the hardest for us because due to our schedules at Cirque I was going to bed close to midnight and Eric was going to bed between 1:30-2am);
  • AM walk+exercise before noon – (daylight triggers the production of melatonin in your body which helps you to sleep);
  • wear blue light blocking glasses day and night;
  • shut work down by 7pm;
  • no cell phones or computers after 8pm;

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