Our objections to commitment are never really about time or money.

When we have objections to making a commitment, whether financial or otherwise, it’s always for a reason, or limiting belief, that is much deeper than the actual objection we state is the reason.

Yesterday I shared the 5 most common objections to commitment (see at the end of this post) along with a personal story about my own objections to commitment when I was making a decision about hiring a business coach (watch the video below to learn about my personal story).

The first time I was looking to hire a business coach, I deliberated. On the surface I told myself, and the coach, that I didn’t know if I could afford it. The reality was that since I was juggling multiple jobs at that time, deep down I was scared because I didn’t know if I would be able to make the time to follow through on the commitment.

When I finally I made the decision and signed up for the coaching program, I figured out how to make the time to prioritize following through on the work that needed to be done in order to complete the program and build my online business.

The next time I was looking to hire a business coach, I was looking to sign up for a mastermind program and I encountered a similar experience with objection. With the first mastermind that I explored, I told the coach that financially, it was not a good time. My husband had just left his full-time job at Cirque du Soleil, so we were being conservative about money until he built up his online business, and could not afford to spend $10-$12k on a business mastermind for me to continue to build my business.

At that time, I truly believed that this was the reason. It was not until I explored a different mastermind a few months later, the one that I am in currently, that I realized the reasons for my objection to the first mastermind and that they had nothing to do with money.

When I applied for the second program (the one I am in currently), as I completed the application, I came to the last question on the application which listed the cost of the program, as 3x MORE ($30k) than the first mastermind program I considered. The price scared me but I still followed through on submitting my application and still wanted to have the interview in order to explore the program.

During my interview, my gut was screaming at me, “YOU MUST DO THIS PROGRAM. YOU MUST FIGURE OUT HOW TO PAY FOR IT.”

And so, I did. I figured out how to come up with the money and signed up for the $30k program. From this, I realized that my objections to the first program were not about money, but rather about the fact that my current coach and mastermind program was a better fit for me than the first one that I explored.

The 5 most common objections to commitment are:

  1. MONEY. “I can’t afford it.” Usually related to beliefs around money, e.g. I cannot create the money or if I create the money then I won’t keep it. If you really want “the thing”, then you will figure out how to come up with the money, make the money to see return on the investment, and learn how to keep the money!
  2. TIME. “Now is not a good time.” Usually related to feeling overwhelmed. THE TRUTH: There is never enough time and it’s never a good time. If we want “the thing” badly enough then we will prioritize making time to achieve “the thing”.
  3. TRUST. “I can’t trust myself.” This can be trust related to money, e.g. having/making or spending money, or follow through to do the work and achieve “the thing”.
  4. AUTHORITY. As a coach, when we receive an objection from a potential client in this area, it’s usually related to the fact that we have not yet established ourselves as an authority to the potential client. Therefore, they do not trust us as an authority and we still have more work to do in order to establish this trust. As a consumer, we don’t trust the product, person, or service as reliable, e.g. It will not do what it says it will do, or give us the results we desire, therefore we do not want to commit to it.
  5. EGO. For current business owners and entrepreneurs, we have trouble delegating, “I can do it better myself” or for aspiring business owners and entrepreneurs we avoid taking responsibility because deep down we believe that we are not able to do “the thing” on our own.

As business owners and entrepreneurs, the objections we hear most often are a reflection of our own limiting beliefs or judgments. Therefore, it’s important for us to work through and overcome these limiting beliefs or judgements so that we can be successful.

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