A TRUE, personal, #pantsoptional work from home story that will make you LOL!

About a month ago, it was a regular workday for me in my online business, working from home with both morning and afternoon coaching calls+admin tasks, and a lift sesh in between.

My morning calls and tasks took a little bit longer and set me behind schedule. After my workout I only had 30 minutes to shower before my first afternoon coaching call. On this day I HAD TO WASH MY HAIR. There was no way that I could skip washing my hair that day, because it was just gross. I’m sure some of you ladies feel me on this…

When I wash my hair, it’s literally a 1 hour process from showering to drying my hair. Since I only had 30 minutes, I weighed out my options:

  1. I could NOT shower; OR
  2. I could shower and NOT wash my hair

Neither of which were options, so I decided that I would shower, wash my hair, and not dry it; I would leave it wet and put it up.

After I got out of the shower, I looked at the clock and saw that I was running out of time before my call and thought to myself, “I don’t know if I even have time to finish getting dressed?!”

Then I thought, “Wait a second! I don’t have to wear pants! I can just sit there in my underwear! No one’s going to know if I’m wearing pants or not. It doesn’t matter what I wear!”

Then I thought of my one colleagues, Heather, who is in my Business Mastermind group with me because at our Flourish and Conquer Mastermind Retreat in February we were joking about this very thing – in that it doesn’t matter what you’re wearing on the bottom half while you’re on ZOOM calls because no one knows what you’re wearing.

As I had this sequence of thoughts to myself in the minutes before my next coaching call, I laughed out loud. Rest assured, I ended up getting dressed, fully clothed, pants included. 

Of course, I shared this story with Heather, because it was too funny not to and now, I’m sharing it with you because I’m sure there are work-from-home entrepreneurs out there who have similar stories. Please share by responding to this post, I’d love to hear them if you do.

Moral of the story: When working from home, change out of your pajamas and always wear pants on ZOOM calls. 

Other Do’s and Don’ts to be mindful of if you are working from home: 

DON’T: Wake up and immediately grab your phone, check your emails, scroll social media, and turn on the news.

DO: Complete your positive mindset friendly, electronics free, morning routine, e.g. say your morning mantras for the day/meditate/write your morning gratitude (3 things!) and then hand write out plan for the day.

If you don’t have a morning routine like this yet, create it NOW.

My morning routine is this:

  • Greet my dog with tons of love right after I get out of bed.
  • Read my morning mantras.
  • Write my morning gratitude (3 things that I am grateful for)
  • Write out my plan for the day.
  • I look at my phone and get on my computer about 45 minutes to 1 hour after I wake up.


DON’T: Stay in your pajamas all day.

DO: Change out of your pajamas and get outside in the morning for a 15-minute walk and/or exercise.

What I do:

While I drink my morning coffee, I spend 1-hour TOPS checking email and on morning social media, and then I change into my workout clothes, take my dog for a walk and then I exercise.


DON’T: Skip showering.

DO: Shower and put on “regular” clothes. NOT PAJAMAS.


DON’T: Work from your couch.

DO: Work from a suitable, designated “office space”. NOT THE COUCH.


DON’T: Skip meals.

DO: Eat whole meals, breakfast and lunch AWAY from your computer and work.


DON’T: Get distracted by house chores.

DO: Set your work hours and stick to them. The house chores will be there after your workday is over just like they are when you get home from the office.


DON’T: Sit on your butt and work for 8 hours straight.

DO: Take a 30-minute break for every 90 minutes of work. Take time out to exercise, eat lunch and take 15-minute walks OUTSIDE.

Now, more than ever, is the time to have the support of the coach. Yesterday on IGTV (@IronBodyByArtemis) I talked about, if you are a business owner, how important it is to have a coach to help you to stay positive, focused, and organized as you run your business. You can watch the replay at the end of this post.

If you’ve been thinking about hiring a business coach to help you build your online business, NOW is the time. 

If you’re looking to transition your business online, grow your online business, or have been forced to transition online and need help, NOW is the time to hire a coach to help you and I CAN HELP YOU!

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I look forward to speaking with you!

Yours in Strength,



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