5 Tips To Create A Clear Instagram Post So That Your Content Is SEEN.

More people than ever are flooding Instagram with content, advice, tips, and tools. If you are a Fitness Professional who is new to building an online business, or trying to build your online business, it’s easy to get lost in the crowd, ESPECIALLY if your content and messaging is not clear.

Create a clear post that has effective format and structure to catch the eye of your audience and your ideal client while scrolling so that you will be SEEN. This will increase engagement, create leads, initiate sales, and therefore grow your business.

The 5 biggest mistakes I see with Instagram posts are:

  1. No clear headline about the subject of the post.
  2. The post does not introduce the problem properly through a personal story or a client “before” scenario.
  3. The post does not present a solution to the problem and a real-life example of success whether through personal success or a client “after” scenario.
  4. No call to action.
  5. No spacing. The text is just a big blob of mumbo jumbo and no one wants to read that.

A clear INSTAGRAM post, so that your content is SEEN, should include the following [see at the end of this email for an example post PLUS a video that provides more detail]:

  1. HEADLINE. This should be capitalized so that it stands out and addresses a common question or concern that your ideal client is having.
  2. INTRODUCE THE PROBLEM. Give a personal example/story OR share an example from one of your clients – this could be a general problem or question that comes up frequently with your clients.
  3. PROVIDE A SOLUTION. Share a solution to the problem that is a real-life example of how the problem was solved. Should be based upon your own personal success or your client’s success, and connected to the problem you introduced and how you introduced the problem.
  4. CALL TO ACTION. Always have a call to action at the end of your post, whether the CTA is selling something or requesting engagement from your audience, example “link in bio to apply”, or “do you agree? Please share below” or “give me a [insert emoji] below if you feel me, etc.”
  5. CLEAR SPACING and FORMATTING. Take the time to learn how to format a clear Instagram post with spacing. You can google this! Some tips on this:
    • Hard return after ‘.’ , ‘!’, or ‘?’;
    • If the sentence ends with an emoji or a character like ‘;’ or quotations, then hard return and insert a character like ‘.’ in between lines;
    • Use a spacing app like ‘Postme’.


Watch the video below for more detail on this…

One more tip that is EXTREMELY important is to create your content in a different app FIRST before posting to Instagram.

For example, use notes, MS Onenote, or MS Word to write and SAVE your content first. Me? I write all of my content in MS Word and then save it under a folder entitled “Social Media” and then in a subfolder for the year e.g. “2020”.

Then transfer the content/text to your phone via text message or the cloud. From there, copy and paste into Instagram. After you paste it in Instagram you will need to reformat it before you post. You may even need to go back and edit the post and reformat it again if it doesn’t turn out the way you want to – I do this ALL THE TIME!

Watch the video below for more detail…


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