Here are 3 of my Life Essentials…

In the IGTV I posted on instagram on Friday (follow me @IronBodyByArtemis), I talked about two things, that pre-COVID-19, I emphasized as important, and now, as we are are in the thick of COVID-19, are demonstrating to be essential:

  3. A third I would add is A HOME GYM.

These three things have been life essentials for me for at least 12 years – first the kettlebell as a home gym, second an online business 4 years after I transitioned full-time into the fitness industry, even while we had our facility, third a healthy morning routine, most particularly since I transitioned my business 100% online.

Here’s why:


Own an online business, especially if you are a fitness professional. As fitness professionals, there are only so many hours in the day that we can spend in-person trading our time for money. Having an online business, whether part-time to supplement in-person income or full-time, allows us to take on more clients, and create more offerings that serve more people than we could ever possibly serve in-person. In turn, this allow us to grow our business and increase our income well beyond anything possible that we could do in-person. The possibilities for growth and generating revenue are limitless.


Thoughts become things. Therefore, it’s important to start your day with a clear, focused, mind and positive thoughts. As an entrepreneur and online business owner who works from home, it’s critical for me to have an empowering morning routine that promotes daily positivity and productivity. I do not look at my phone or computer until 1hr after I wake up and instead, I start my day by writing daily gratitude, my plan of tasks for the day, and by listening to a motivating podcast episode from the Quote of the Day Show.


Given today’s fast paced, jam packed, sedentary life-style, I’ve always promoted the importance of having a few kettlebells at home to have handy for a quick and effective workout. The kettlebell is a perfect home gym because it is:

  • Compact – doesn’t take up a lot of space;
  • Portable – fitness anywhere;
  • Versatile – cardio and strength in one tiny package.

And of course, TOILET PAPER 😉

What are YOUR essentials?

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