Do you know how to stand out online? Here are 3 Tips…

The other day, one of my 1:1 Business Coaching clients had a moment of panic as she scrolled through social media and was bombarded with so many other fitness coaches trying to do the exact same thing that she is doing right now – building her online fitness business.

On our coaching call, feeling scarcity and somewhat paralyzed, she asked me, “How do I stand out online?”.

I hear this question a lot from my clients, as they start working with me, and when I’m speaking with other coaches who are interested in Business Coaching with me.

As I’m sure you know, there are more people than EVER online right now, AND

EVEN MORE Fitness Coaches online right now building their online businesses.

Like my client, I’m sure you are thinking, “How will I ever be seen and attract paying clients with so many coaches online??”

It can seem saturated, and SCARY, BUT, here’s the important thing to remember…


People invest in a coach they can IDENTIFY WITH and RELATE TO.

It doesn’t matter if you are offering the same service as 100 other coaches.

If you know how to show how you are unique and dial in your niche client and services, then, not only will you attract your ideal client, but also, you WILL STAND OUT.

PLUS, if you master social media, you will expand your reach and grow your audience.

I’m sure you are thinking, “How do I do THAT?!?”

The three main tips that I give to my clients, and that I shared with my client the other day include four S’s:

  1. Service
  2. Story
  3. Solutions
  4. Social Media


Approach everything you share with your audience with the question, “How can I help?”.

I know it sounds counterintuitive, because your goal is to attract paying clients, and increase your income…

HOWEVER, when you operate with the intention of service, abundance returns tenfold.


  • Share YOUR STORY
  • What makes you different
  • Your transformation
  • The pivotal point of your transformation
  • The SOLUTION that you implemented that brought you success


  • Your clients’ transformations
  • The SOLUTIONS that YOU implemented for your clients so that they could have success.

STORY is powerful.

The best public speakers TELL STORIES.

These stories evoke feeling, connection, attract an audience, and build a tribe.

Look at Brené Brown for example…

If you’ve watched her Netflix special “The Call to Courage” she talks about how when she speaks, she tells stories.

She is an ultimate introvert and one of the best public speakers BECAUSE SHE TELLS STORIES.

She has not only built an incredible following, but also created a MOVEMENT with a MASSIVE TRIBE.


So often, I hear from Fitness Professionals who are new to the online space,

“I’m terrible at social media.”

“I don’t know anything about social media marketing.”

“I hate posting on social media!”

“I hate social media!”

It’s not that you are not good at social media, but rather, that you haven’t mastered the skill of social media.

Just like strength training, foreign languages, martial arts, sports, etc., SOCIAL MEDIA IS A SKILL.

Lack of competence in ANYTHING causes fear, paralysis, and procrastination.

Does this sound familiar?

You know you have to build your online business, and learn everything about social media.

Beyond static posts, which are hard enough, because how do you write a captivating caption with an attention-grabbing headline?? You know that you ALSO have to,

  • film videos
  • do IGTVs
  • go LIVE!

The thought of all of these things causes you to freeze up and poop your pants all at the same time because you’re petrified.

SO, you avoid it all together and don’t do anything.

This reaction is COMPLETELY NORMAL.

In fact, there is something called the Confidence/Competence Loop that causes this.

The Confidence/Competence Loop is a feedback loop within which confidence improves with competence and vice-versa.

Without confidence, we revert to fear, and as a result we have a hard time taking action.

When we become fearful, we get more tentative and procrastinate.

So, you see, competency builds confidence and, ironically, confidence begins with action.

Therefore, in order to increase competence that results in confidence, you have to break the habit-loop of having doubt in response to being afraid to fail, by inserting a new behavior.

This new behavior is to TAKE ACTION.

Just like building strength, muscle gain, fat loss, transformation, or life change, social media growth and change comes when you get out of your comfort zone on social media and do things that are out of your comfort zone on social media.

THIS is how you grow your audience.

THIS is how you connect to your audience.


THIS is how you attract your ideal client and get them to become a paying customer.

You MUST get out of your comfort zone on social media and DO ALL THE THINGS – posts, stories, videos, IGTV, Lives.

If you’re afraid of failing, remember that when you fail, you learn something.

And when you learn something, then you become more competent.

What helps to break the cycle of self-doubt brought on by the habit loop fed by a fear of failing, is having a Business Coach who,

  1. ENCOURAGES you and gives you a GAME PLAN to TAKE ACTION out of your comfort zone; AND
  2. provides you with SUPPORT and ACCOUNTABILITY.

PLUS, a Business Coaching group that provides you with COMMUNITY so that you know that you are not alone as you demolish doubt, overcome fear, break out of your comfort zone, and grow your online business.

My ==> EmpowerU Business Academy <== provides you with ALL OF THIS,

  • Training
  • Tips
  • Tools
  • Resources
  • A Road Map
  • Support
  • Accountability
  • Community
  • An Expanded Network

All which ACCELERATE your business progress and growth.

Get the details and apply for EmpowerU Business Academy ==> HERE <==

Enrollment is limited to only 10 people, so apply TODAY!

p.s. Next time I’ll share with you my 3 top sales tips to make money online.


Sending you vibes of positivity & abundance!


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