Eric’s Circuit Shred Program is LAUNCHED!

I am so excited for you to experience this program. I have been following two days of this program for the past month and within 10 days I started to see results.

To celebrate its launch, he is offering 30% off with code ‘SHRED30’, for a limited time, through 9/2/19 at 11:59 PM PST.

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Here are some details about the Circuit Shred program from Eric…

Coach Eric here!

The Circuit Shred is based upon a circuit program I wrote for myself to get stronger, leaner and move better. As of a result of the Circuit Shred program I gained 2.2 pounds of muscle and lost 2% body fat in 8 weeks (measured via an InBody Composition Analyzer).

My goal was to increase lean body mass, shed some fat, and improve muscle definition and it happened through this bad ass program.

In addition to reaching my lean body mass goals and transforming my legs and upper body. I stacked on beefy shoulders and built solid, strong legs, that had to be seen in short shorts! This guy NEVER misses leg day!!

By the end of the program I was Over Head Pressing 32kg (70.4lbs) for an easy 5 reps on both right and left sides. I was also crushing rear foot elevated split squats with DOUBLE 40kg (88lbs in each hand!) for an easy 5 right and 5 left reps with a farmer carry hold.

The conditioning made me a lean machine like never before.  I also built swing strength relative to the program, e.g, 28kg (61.6lbs) became very easy to swing for multiple sets of 25 reps and 32kg (70.4lbs) became very easy to swing for multiple sets of 15/20 reps.

I felt great throughout the program, like a lean, mean, kick ass machine, and I know you will too!

This program is an intermediate level 5-days per week, 8-week program.

As the program progresses over 8 weeks you will become very proficient with the movements and the time of work and rest will begin to change as your strength and fitness improves. The change in work to rest ratios is the challenge of the program.

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Launch Sale price valid for a limited time, ends on 9/2/19 at 11:59 PM PST!

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Yours in Strength,



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