6 Tips for an UNPLUGGED vacation

How (and why) we’re prepping our business for 2 weeks away

I am stepping AWAY from my business for 2 weeks.

I need a break.

Having time off over July 4 weekend only confirmed that I am in desperate need of some good time away.

→ BTW, my ultimate goal is to have a similar schedule to Chris Harder with July and August mostly OFF. Check out The Chris Harder Show, podcast episode no. 500, “How to Build & Protect Your Dream Life” for more deets.

Eric and I are counting down to our annual 2-week stay on the Big Island Hawaii next month, even though:

→ We have active clients.

→ We’re running a mastermind.

→ We’re going to be launching EBA when we get back.

→ We came in under budget last quarter.

→ Other people project their limiting beliefs onto us about time off.

Nah. We’re heading out.

Whether we “need” it or not, we plan these two weeks away, EVERY YEAR, so we have time in our calendar to reset and recharge, just like we have time in our calendar to be active and serving.

Does leaving your business for 2 weeks scare the crap out of you?

We’re doing these 6 things to make it happen: 


  • Plan in advance with your team about what needs to get done before you leave.
  • Make sure systems, processes, and workflows are in place to support operations while you are away. (Lead generators, auto-email sequences, onboarding sequences, payment processing, etc.)
  • Assign a point-person as a decision maker. Hand them the keys. They’re in charge.


  • Map out coaching calls, 1:1 client sessions, and group meetings as soon as you know you are taking a vacation.
  • If needed, plan for a heavy call schedule one week before or after your trip so that you disrupt your clients’ service as little as possible.
  • Schedule all the calls outside of the dates of your trip, so that you are not taking coaching calls on the beach.


  • Share your vacation dates with clients a minimum of 4 weeks in advance.
  • Clearly communicate what you are and are not available for while you are on vacation.
  • Provide them with an alternate point of contact on your team to contact in the case of an emergency.
  • But remember: You are not an ER doc. Most emergencies will not be actual emergencies.


  • Write out and plan any content you want to share in advance of your vacation. 


  • Plan nothing and share what comes to you while you are on vacation.

(This is what I do. I end up having many inspired ideas that only come to me when I’m in a new setting!)

Be “ON” (if you want to be)

  • Decide if you want to be tuned in to the business while you’re on the beach or completely unplugged.
  • For me, I will not be taking any coaching or team calls while I am away. However, I will do 2 Power Hours and check client SLACK channels twice throughout my vacation to respond to any questions.


  • Your team will respect your boundaries.
  • Your clients will respect your boundaries.
  • YOU have to respect your OWN boundaries.
  • Set up a plan and stick to it.
  • Rest is a practice.

Part of being able to take an unplugged vacation without guilt or worry is by being in complete alignment in your business.

If you’re not aligned with your highest self and your core values, then you will break boundaries between you and your business and sacrifice taking necessary time off to take care of yourself and refill your cup.

These actions only lead to burnout and will lead to repeated burnout if you don’t take the time to figure out if you are in alignment with your business and take action to remedy if you are not in alignment.

Do you want to figure out how to align your business with your highest self and your core values?

Then take the >>> Aligned & Empowered Entrepreneur Quiz

We created this quiz to help online entrepreneurs identify which of the TOP 4 common misalignments applies to them, and what to do about it.

Are you ready to…

→ get into alignment with your business…

→ stand by boundaries that help you to protect your energy… 

→ give yourself permission to take an unplugged vacation away from your business so that you can refill your cup to be the best coach you can be for your clients? 

>>> Take the quiz.

Post a screenshot of your results page and tag us so we can cheer you on!

With a full cup of energy and alignment,

Artemis + Eric

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