In 2019, this would have flattened me.

I’ve been thinking a lot lately about how un-burned out I am.

The 2019 version of me would probably have gotten good and crispy at least a couple times this year:

Once when we had a major team member issue in the middle of a launch.

And then again when that launch wasn’t as profitable as we’d planned.

(And probably a couple of other times too– we’ve all been on major rides this year.)

But nope.

I’m good!

Obviously, I wasn’t a huge fan of those events as they were happening, but I could recognize that there was a reason for it.

This is everything.

One of our team members asked me the other day:

How have you managed to skirt burnout this time around?

My answer was SO simple.

I have done some deep work over the last 18 months to get to a place where my value as a human being is not tied to the success of my business.

When I have burned out in the past, I had a core belief that I needed more.

Even when I hit major goals, and got over that $100K mental threshold that so many entrepreneurs are living for…

I still felt like shit.

I still felt unworthy.

I was still going through all the same patterns I always did.

I had a deep belief that the validation of my self-worth came from external things and people.

As it turns out, I have everything I need.

I just couldn’t recognize it then.

When I started working with my coach Amanda Bucci, I was reminded of some of the truths that were inside me. They had just gotten away from me in the whirlwind of entrepreneurship and trying to do everything myself for so many years.

I have done some deep work over the last 18 months to rise to a place of true connection with my highest self.

And that expands to everything.

In doing this deep work on my self-work, I identified so many of my patterns.

My new mantra has become: “You are already there, Artemis.”

I have everything I wanted when I signed up to work with my business coach:

I am a sought-after business coach, I have a multiple 6-figure business, a dream team, and a business I want to run with offers that feel aligned with my highest self.

I can accept help and let myself be held and supported.

I realized I don’t need to chase leads, sales, dollar figures, or team members.

I can have goals and be a high-performer, but I am worthy with or without them.

When our mastermind program didn’t hit the enrollment numbers we expected, my old patterns would have taken me to a place of self-doubt.

I would have taken it personally and attributed the enrollment numbers to my worth as a person.

I would have spent endless hours fighting against what was happening in front of me, because I would have blamed myself.

I would have felt like a failure.

Here’s the secret to end all secrets to entrepreneurship:

You can’t control anything.


Literally not a single thing is in your control.

So you have to learn to surrender to the bigger plan.

No matter what happens in your business, you are already there.

You are doing the thing.

You can’t blame yourself when shit hits the fan.

It is not a reflection of your worth, or how good of a person you are.

It may, however, be a signal that your business is out of alignment with your highest self.

And that?

That, we can work on together.

Holding space for you on your journey,

Artemis + Eric

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