Are you struggling to convert leads to sales and make money in your business?

Recently I was on an enrollment call with someone who couldn’t figure out why they couldn’t convert leads to sales and were struggling to make any money in their business.

During this call I observed 3 prevalent themes related to money mindset…

(BTW, that is your job on a sales call, to listen, observe, and learn what is REALLY going on behind the words and stories the person shares with you on the call…

…because honestly, when the money objections start, it truly, really NEVER has anything to do with money.)

There was/is absolutely no judgment as I observed these things and in fact, in the past, I have struggled with the SAME things, but I have actively worked to increase my awareness of my self-limiting beliefs and heal my relationship with money.

The 3 things I observed were…

Guilt Receiving and Spending

→ You feel guilty receiving money, accepting compliments, gifts, and generous gestures from others.

→ You feel guilty spending money on yourself, your business, or just in general.


→ You feel like you have no control over your financial situation. “Why me? Why is this happening to me?”


→ You judge others who have the money and abundance that you want and possible say things like “It must be nice…”.

All of these things work together to hold you back and block your abundance.

For example → Maybe you feel guilty about spending money on yourself and your business because you have a family and you can’t ask your partner to support you and your business because that would be selfish.

You feel guilty having the hard conversation with your partner to ask for what you want because you believe that you have to sacrifice what you want and it has to be either/or.

When you feel guilty asking for and receiving what you want you play into “victim thinking” in that you believe that you have to sacrifice and stay small, rather than take ownership of your desires and ask for what you want.

Your guilt keeps you the victim.

Then, after you choose to be the victim and stew in your guilt, you sit around and judge others who have what you want, which only makes you feel worse because it makes you feel separate, worthless, and even more guilty for thinking badly of others to try and make yourself feel better.

For example → When I invested in my first mastermind I did not have the money, but I felt confident in my desires and figured out how to get the financing for the deposit and the first few payments.

I had a choice.

I could say that I didn’t have the money and stay the victim wallowing in my guilt and judgment of others who are paying for coaching, enrolling in masterminds, growing their businesses, and getting what I want…


I could OWN my desires, ask the universe to guide me to find a way to pay for it, be resourceful, and take action.

So, how do you release these blocks to welcome abundance?

The Solution

→ Figure out what experience and beliefs conditioned you to feel guilty receiving and spending.

Bust that sh*t up and re-write your truth based upon the belief that you were born inherently worthy of all of your desires because you are!

→ Choose to be the hero of your story and ask for guidance to figure out how to get what you want and take action!

→ Forgive yourself for judging others, and when you catch yourself judging others, STOP, and instead be happy for them and for all of their happiness, prosperity, and abundance.

The happier you are for others, the more the universe will send the same your way, and the faster you will manifest your desires.

To learn more about what is blocking you from receiving your desires, take the >>> Aligned & Empowered Entrepreneur Quiz <<< to align with your highest self and welcome abundance.

With alignment, flow, and abundance,


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