When was the last time you decluttered?

When was the last time you decluttered?

Or did a deep organization of a room.

We’re not talking about tidying up and running a vacuum around.

We’re talking about piles all over your house of keep/donate/trash.

This is not a quick job.

A couple months ago, we decided to rework our space.

We had a guest room that was largely going unused.

I (Artemis) kept finding myself drawn to that room.

I would meditate and do my Sunday morning card pulls there.

It has great lighting and a peaceful energy.

The vibe was just working.

And the vibe was not working in the workspaces we had been using.

We recognized that our home wasn’t set up for the next stage of our business.

We couldn’t run this operation out of a shared office, or from the kitchen table, which is where one of us would inevitably land.

We had to clear space for our next level.

So we did a deep clean. Piles and piles.

We turned that guest room into an aligned entrepreneur sanctuary.

We Marie Kondo’d the crap out of our spaces.

And we invited abundance.



We extended this same invitation for abundance when Artemis invested in coaching.

We decided we were ready to receive our next level, so we invested some time, money, and energy into that invitation.

Are you making space for the next level in your business?

Are you inviting abundance?

It’s your responsibility to cue the universe when you’re ready to receive more.

There are lots of ways for you to do this, and they all require your body, mind, and spirit to be aligned with your business:

You can invest time.

You can invest money.

You can invest energy.

The more you invest, the more you will receive.

Seriously. The ROI on spiritual alignment is insane.

You have to make space for change in your business.

For your ideas to be questioned.

For your plans to be rocked.

For your bank accounts to be filled.

We have invested a lot of time, money, and energy into the right people so that we can have the best tools for our business.

We wanted to learn from those who came before us.

People who have already made the mistakes so we could fast-forward through them.

But to do any of that, we had to adjust our mindsets to invite the abundance.

If you just decide you want to level-up, but you don’t change anything, nothing will happen.

Nothing changes if nothing changes.

So what’s holding you back from investing in your next level?

We have seen every money story, failure trauma, and limiting belief you can come up with, and they all come back to one thing:


And fear blocks abundance.

Are your limiting beliefs and money mindset holding you back from investing in the business you truly want?

If that sounds like you, we would love to coach you and help you make space for your next level.

The EmpowerU Business Academy is our most popular coaching program. It sells out every time we open it.

Our September cohort is enrolling soon, and if you are ready to level-up your business and mindset, you’re invited to hop on our waitlist now.

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To your next level,

Artemis + Eric

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