A few years ago, in April 2015, I was seated in the exit row on a plane on the way back from teaching my workshop “I Am Not Afraid To Lift” in Albuquerque, New Mexico. After I sat down on the plane I looked up to read what I would have to do in case of an emergency and discovered that I would have to lift the airplane door that weighed 22kg… Read More

Last week I had a question on one of my Instagram posts about my hand placement on the kettlebell handle for a clean before a heavy kettlebell military press. YES, there is a purpose to this and YES, for a stronger press, you want the handle to rest in a specific part of your hand, the “sweet spot”, after a clean before a kettlebell military press. Listen in and learn more from… Read More

The kettlebell military press used to be a very challenging movement for me, both physically and mentally. Pull-ups have always come easily to me, whereas the press was my nemesis for many years! I discovered my weakness with the press when I started to train for the Iron Maiden Challenge in 2011. Even though I am strong for my size when it comes to the press, as soon as I started to work… Read More

The Turkish Get-Up is a fantastic movement that, in my book of programming, is very useful and a daily essential for all ages. For adults, the get-up is important because it brings us back to the ground.  As adults we don’t spend enough time doing groundwork, and getting up and down from the ground. Subsequently, we can lose ease with this skill and even lose it completely if we do not practice… Read More

Do you know if I am about to do a kettlebell swing, clean, or snatch in this picture? NO, you don’t and that’s how it should be. All single arm kettlebell ballistics, (e.g. one arm swing, single kettlebell clean, single kettlebell snatch), have one thing in common; the body position on the back swing. Whether you are going to do a single arm kettlebell swing, clean, or snatch the starting body position… Read More

Often the Kettlebell Clean can be just as difficult or more difficult to master than the kettlebell Snatch.  The kettlebell clean technique is different than the technique for a barbell power clean used in Olympic weightlifting.  A few key differences are: With a kettlebell clean you do not shrug your shoulders.  The movement is led by the power generated from your hips and your shoulders should have minimal or no movement. You… Read More

I’ve been a little behind with writing these past few weeks because I’ve been working on some really exciting projects! I hope to get back on track soon. Online Personal Training As I mentioned in Part Six of this Press Series, Crawling for Time, Eric and I launched our online training platform through and it’s up and running and rocking and rolling! We are really excited about it! It’s been less… Read More