“Eat Bread and Lose Weight, WHAAATTTT?” Where Oprah and Weight Watchers Fall Short.

The other day Oprah tweeted that she ate bread every day and still lost weight and made millions of more dollars. I’m sure for most people when they watched this video, the sky opened up and the angels sang hallelujah in their most melodious voice.

I mean if Oprah says we can eat bread and lose weight and/or stay lean then it must be true! I know this tweet solved the world’s conflict about whether or not bread and complex carbohydrates will make you fat, but what Oprah and Weight Watchers are not sharing with you, is that it’s a bit more complicated than that. There is actually a science as to why you can and should eat carbohydrates, both simple and complex, and if you eat the correct amount for your body type, size, and activity level, and time when you eat them according to carbohydrate type, then you will be able to lose weight and/or stay lean depending on your goals.

Oprah and Weight Watchers fell short because they did not provide you with the details as to why this is possible. This statement, not backed up by the scientific details of WHY, demonstrates the lack of information available to the general public and consumers about nutrition.

Thankfully we have people like Dr. Mike Israetel of Juggernaut Training Systems spreading the detailed scientific knowledge about carbohydrates and about why they are important and therefore why you could eat bread every day and still lose weight or stay lean.

In the video below, Dr. Mike Israetel breaks down the science of why carbohydrates, both simple and complex, are a very important fuel source and in particular an essential training fuel source.

Carve out 12 minutes of your day, in fact carve out 24 minutes of your day, so that you can watch this video at least once, if not twice, to learn about how depleted glycogen stores can adversely affect training performance, recovery, and muscle growth, about how your nervous system is a “fine dining snob”, and so many more gems of knowledge about carbohydrates in this video:


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