I Do Not Have A Million Followers, BUT…


I do not have a million followers. I am not a fitness model. I am not on TV. I am not a celebrity. I am not known for my “belfies”, nor do I have a coffee table book capturing my best selfies. However, I do have many other professional attributes and do many other things…

I am a strength coach. I am a speaker, a presenter, a teacher, and an educator. I educate others, particularly women, on the importance and benefits of strength training and about how to lift properly. I educate others about how to build and sustain a strong mind within the strong body they create through strength training.


I am a nutrition coach. I educate others on how to follow a sustainable approach to nutrition; one that fuels their body properly for training and recovery but one that is also realistic and allows them to enjoy indulgences in moderation. (NEW AND IMPROVED Renaissance Periodization cutting and massing templates are available NOW. Use the code ‘artemis10’ to save $10 on a RP Diet Template. Link to purchase HERE.)


I am the Co-Owner of Iron Body Studios, most recently highlighted in the June 2016 issue of Men’s Health Magazine as one of the top gyms in America.

I am a writer. I am a former ballet dancer turned kung fu black belt, “Iron Maiden”, kettlebell, and power lifter. I am a girlfriend, a daughter, a sister, and a proud aunt.

I am a role model. A role model for women, and particularly for women (and men) in their 40’s who think that age 40 may be the finish line when in fact if they follow “unsexy training” methods (i.e. strength training & sustainable nutrition), they will discover that these methods are the fountain of youth.


I walk the walk.

In my eyes all of these attributes are worth more than a million followers and library full of “belfies”; priceless in fact.

Come meet me in person and listen to me speak about these “unsexy training methods” at the Perform Better Summit in Chicago on June 26, 2016 AND at the Elite Fitness & Performance Summit in Louisville, Kentucky on August 5-6, 2016.


Early Bird for the Elite Fitness & Performance Summit through June 30. Register HERE and use the code ‘EarlyBird’ at checkout to receive $300 off your registration.

I look forward to meeting you in either Chicago or Louisville!

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