Post Weight Cut Maintenance

After I finished my weight cut with the Renaissance Periodization cutting template on May 14, 2016 (read more in my post Lessons Learned From Cutting Weight) I had some people ask me what will I do next? Will I follow a maintenance phase? Will I post updates after the cut about the maintenance phase?

Yes, I have been following a maintenance phase and here are some updates:

By “maintenance” that means that I generally know the amount of macronutrients I should be consuming on a daily basis depending on my activity and I keep to that with a little flexibility and indulgences here and there.

I’ve kept to similar food portions during the week, and applied the principles of macronutrient timing from the templates but also allowed myself to enjoy some days on the weekend when I’m not tracking everything and eating larger portions and eating dessert.

As a result I’ve generally maintained a bodyweight of 113lbs, only up one pound from my 112lbs weigh in on May 14, 2016, HOWEVER, I weighed in at 112.5lbs on Sunday June 12, 2016 after having spent a week in Palm Springs, CA for the #ReebokONESummit when I was completely off my lifting and eating routine. I even had a drink, nightly, for the first time in over 3 months and ate dessert every night. I did not go hog wild and was generally aware of the portions I was eating, but I did indulge and enjoy myself. I also kept up with some light strength training and conditioning workouts while I was there but nothing like I regular follow.

I have been weighing myself about once per week during this one month post weight cut maintenance phase to see how my body is responding to being off a regimented diet. I have not been depriving myself at all and clearly my body seems to be maintaining the weight loss as just yesterday June 19, 2016 I weighed in at 112lbs.

Even though I embarked on this weight cut journey strictly for a performance goal, and to hands-on learn more about how Renaissance Periodization structures their nutrition programs, I am not ashamed to say that am very happy with the aesthetic results of the weight cut, most especially with the changes that I have seen in my legs. My legs are never very lean or defined but for the first time ever in my life I am excited about the changes that I see to my legs. I think it’s a combination of the RP nutrition plan and the fact that it’s coming up on about year since I started powerlifting; by getting under more weight under the barbell with powerlifting, I have built more muscle in my legs and the RP diet plan is helping to show this increased muscle, strength, and hard work.

In my opinion, achieving your best self, both physically and mentally, comes with a focus on:

  1. Strength training and the empowerment that comes with it;
  2. Performance-based goals and the feeling of fulfillment that comes with achieving them; and
  3. Dialing in your nutrition for ultimate energy and performance in both training and in life.

All three combined will in turn not only build physical and mental strength, but will also produce the very nice side effects of an increased lean body mass to fat ratio and improved physical aesthetics.

Focus on what you can do, and dialing in your nutrition, and everything else, both physically and mentally, will fall into place.

NEW AND IMPROVED Renaissance Periodization cutting and massing templates are NOW available. I purchased my new template over the weekend. Per RP, how these templates are different from originals:

  1. Tighter weight-class specificity: There are now more templates, especially for lighter folks. This means a more exact diet tailored to your body, which leads to more precise and reliable results with less adjustment;
  2. More timing options: RP has added a late-night training option. Now those that only have time to get in one meal after training and before bed have no need to worry about adjusting plans… it’s already done for you;
  3. More advanced nutritional science;
  4. Anti-hunger properties;
  5. Maintenance phases and new bases for detailed guidance on transitioning after your diet is over.

Use the code ‘artemis10’ to save $10 on a RP Diet Template. Purchase your diet template  HERE.




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