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One thing I’m doing right now with my nutrition, especially as it relates to hormone balance and my 45-Day Hormone Reset, is eating 1lb of vegetables per day.

I’ve always eaten a lot of veggies daily and I’m sure it’s always been at least 1lb of veggies per day or more per day. However, over the past few months, I started to track macros again PLUS count calories and daily grams of fiber. My macros don’t include veggies, but the calories do include calories and grams of carbs and fiber from veggies, so this includes weighing veggies for each meal.

1lb of veggies per day can sound like a lot of veggies, but if you divide it up over 4 meals per day it’s only 4oz/115g in weight of veggies per meal.

Why so many veggies? 

  1. FIBER DOES A BODY GOOD. Eating enough veggies and fiber daily is essential to a healthy gut, keeping your body regular and cleansing your system as fiber is essential to help you to lose weight, feel full and stabilize your blood sugar.
  2. HORMONE BALANCE. Let’s take excess estrogen for example, if your estrogen levels are too high (i.e. excess estrogen) and if the excess estrogen is not pooped out because you aren’t eating enough veggies and fiber to have regular poops (1 or more per day), then the excess estrogen goes to your liver and then your liver will send it to your fat cells. Estrogen and fat cells love each other and if you are struggling with weight gain, bloating and constipation due to excess estrogen and not eating enough veggies and fiber to cleanse your system, then you feed this cycle of growing estrogen and fat cells and there is no amount of exercise and dieting that can help you to feel better and to reach your fat loss goals. This includes facilitating methylation. Learn a little bit about that in the video included below…

Part of my 45-day Hormone Reset includes increasing your daily consumption of vegetables to 1lb of vegetables per day to help with hormone balance and especially with estrogen balance.

Learn more about why increasing your vegetable and fiber consumption helps with balancing hormones in my 45-Day Hormone Reset that starts on September 29, 2019. 20% discount ends TOMORROW night September 15, 2019 at 11:59 PM Pacific Time.

Use the coupon code RESET45 (coupon is CASE SENSITIVE) at check out and read the details and SIGN UP ==> HERE <==


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