Like regular exercise and nutrition, achieving and maintaining hormone balance is a daily practice and a continual work in progress.

Two years ago I started to see a metabolic medicine doc. At age 41 and only getting older, I wanted to have blood work done to check my hormone levels and I wanted a second opinion on my thyroid function. At that time, for 10 years, allopathic physicians had been telling me my thyroid function was within normal range when in fact I knew something was off based upon my symptoms of low energy, bloating, aches, pains, lethargy, minor injuries that seemed to take forever to heal and basically feeling like I had turned into an old lady overnight in 2017 with beef jerky for muscles instead of tender filet mignon.

My lab work showed that I had low thyroid and Hashimoto’s as well as non-existent testosterone and low progesterone.

I continue to work with this metabolic medicine specialist and all sex hormones are balanced, BUT for the past two years it’s been a struggle for us to find a thyroid medication that works and during that time, I’ve been through SEVEN different changes in thyroid medication. Armour Thyroid seems to work the best, but something is still off.

In a search to find out what was missing, I did some reading and research and learned that the symptoms I was experiencing could be related to low cortisol and how low cortisol affects thyroid function. e.g. For many of the thyroid medications, once I switched, they would work immediately and well for a few weeks, but then seem to stop working.

Based upon this knowledge, a few months ago I brought this up with my specialist and asked if we could check my cortisol levels. She agreed that this could be the missing link.

Low and behold, I have low cortisol across the board and was diagnosed with Stage Two Adrenal Dysfunction (i.e. “Adrenal Fatigue”). My cortisol is basically a flat line day and night, and even though it remains low, around 10pm it goes up and stays up through the night and then hits a normal level between 8-9a.

I’m on a treatment plan with supplements and lifestyle changes to help bring it up early in the day with a normal peak and then make sure it stays low in the evening.

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