Money Mindset and Limiting beliefs

Okay, class, settle in. This is a big deal…

Whether you realize it or not, you probably have some money and mindset blocks.

They block the flow of abundance into your business, and you will see them come up as objections in your sales conversations with prospects. 

Whatever the objections are coming up in your sales conversations are typically objections you have yourself or limiting beliefs that you have around money.

So, it’s essential to identify them and make a daily practice of overcoming them.

I did not realize my money mindset blocks until last year.

Honestly, what got me to break through my money mindset blocks and low self-worth was the practice of daily meditation, affirmations and journaling that made me more aware of my thoughts.

That’s why I have made mastering the abundance mindset a foundational training module in The Empower U Business Academy. 

I know what you are thinking, but…

Meditation isn’t just about sitting there and closing your eyes with a blank slate in your brain. 

It’s about helping you to become more aware of your thoughts.

The more I meditated, the more I became more aware of my thoughts and the reactions that I had to things.  I was like, 

Oh my God, I can’t believe these are my money mindset blocks!” 

So, I’m going to be totally transparent and share them with you…

—> My money mindset blocks are related to my feelings of self-worth and the fear of scarcity… 

More money not coming in was attached to my self-worth. 

I felt like I was not worthy of receiving the money for the services and value I provided (which I know was above and beyond but, I just didn’t believe it.)

—> FEELING ‘icky’ to charge as FITNESS and STRENGTH  COACHES 

As a fitness and strength coach and a Coach Entrepreneurial archetype, I think we all have this “icky” feeling around money and worth when we’re charging for services because we do what we do from a place of service – we love what we do, helping people. 

We don’t necessarily want to charge people. We had to start charging and making a business off it, and it made us feel icky

It didn’t always align with our values, so we didn’t feel worthy of charging for what we were giving.

—> When excitement around receiving money turned to guilt…

Also, this last year I became aware of my feelings of self-worth that I had. 

When someone would pay me for a service that I was going to provide, I would get really excited about receiving the money and my business growing. 

BUT THEN, I would feel really guilty about not just accepting the money, but I would feel guilty about being excited about getting paid money. 

I knew that what I deliver is above and beyond and that I always over-deliver… 

So, there was no reason for me to feel this way. 

I was simply running a business. 

I have no problem paying other people for their services, so why am I having this reaction?

When I became aware of that, I was like, “Oh my God, this is HUGE!” These are money mindset limiting beliefs. 

So, through that, I needed to rewire via mediation, affirmations, and journaling that… 


—> The other one was the fear and scarcity of more money not coming in after spending money on bills, a vacation, or a big purchase or investment…

So, having this fear of like “Oh my God, I’m not gonna have any more clients, sign up with me,” was the most ridiculous thought because there’s ALWAYS an abundance of clients.

In EBA, we will identify what beliefs hold you back and make a daily practice of overcoming them. 

Because I want you, my team of fellow strength and fitness coaches to win big this year and reach the success that I have received. 

I want to let you in on a few small things I do that have made BIG changes in how I showed up in my business and life.

Money mindset affirmations I use daily:

*People afford to pay me with ease *

*I’m an energetic match for the income I desire*

*My work is valuable and should be highly compensated*

*I am worthy of receiving this money.”


Do yourself and me a favor and go back through those four statements/ affirmations and say them OUT LOUD and really feel it, like really believe them to be true.

I am invested in your journey.  In EBA, we will work through these blocks that stop you from moving forward in business and life. It took me 13 years to learn such small yet life-changing practices that turned everything around for us. 

From struggling, burnt out, overworked Fitness and Strength coach to successful online business owners earning $100k PLUS with ease.

Apply for EmpowerU Business Academy and give your life and business the worth and value it deserves to thrive.

Eric and I can’t wait to hear from you, future CEO!!

Sending Vibes of Positivity & Abundance,

Artemis and Eric

P.S. Hurry, spots are limited! Don’t miss out on the ultimate business and life level up of 2021!

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