I’m headed to New York City this weekend to work as an assistant instructor at a StrongFirst Level I Kettlebell Certification.  My brother, Leonidas (Lee), and one of Iron Body Studios’ clients, Tracy, will be getting their instructor certifications.  I’m really excited for them, it will be a great weekend! That’s my brother on the far right with the raging Spartan beard, he definitely lives up to his name, Leonidas, haha! (From… Read More

A few weeks ago before I headed up to the beach in Maine for a long holiday weekend over July 4, I posted about how I learned that Shoulders Are The New Cleavage. See Facebook post below…  One of my clients was telling me how her daughter had shared an article about fashion trends with her and the title was “Shoulders Are The New Cleavage” ==> I thought, what an awesome… Read More

I’m headed to the beach this holiday weekend for a little rest and relaxation.  I can’t wait because the past six weeks (oh wait, YEAR since we’ve moved into our new facility 😉 ) have been insane, bananas busy.  Is it just me or are June and July crazy busy months for everyone?? BA-NANANAS! The Female Fitness Formula Workshop last  Saturday June 28, 2014 at The Optimum Performance Training Institute was a… Read More

I recently wrote a post debunking the myth that lifting weights makes women “bulky”. If you missed this post, you can read it HERE. Today I’m here to share with you a very personal “Bulky” Myth Tale that pertains to this post. A few years ago I had an interaction with a prospective client within which she criticized my body based upon her irrational fear of building muscle from lifting weights.  I have… Read More

Today is the second segment of the Female Fitness Formula’s 3-part myth busting blog series. If you missed the first segment by Coach Lauren, “Cardio for Fat Loss”, you can read it HERE. The common fitness myth that I, Coach Artemis, will address today is the “Bulking Myth”, that lifting weights makes women big and bulky. MYTH: Lifting weights will make women’s bodies big and bulky. FACT:  Lifting weights will make women’s bodies strong, fit and beautiful, and… Read More

Last October I approached my friend, colleague and Co-Owner of Achieve Fitness, Lauren Perreault about collaborating with me to present a women’s strength workshop here in Boston, because there is not enough information available to women about strength training.  I wanted to continue to educate and inspire women about strength training and the benefits of strength training and to help them to learn that there are other methods out there that WILL… Read More

I am so excited about the women’s strength workshop, The Female Fitness Formula, that my friend, colleague and Co-Owner of Achieve Fitness, Lauren Perreault and I will be having on February 16, 2014.  This workshop is great for both individuals who are not instructors or personal trainers, levels beginners to advanced, and even personal trainers.  There is something to be learned for everyone. The Female Fitness Formula is a no-frills blueprint of… Read More