As it relates to nutrition & hormone balance I’m sure you’ve heard to “Manage & Minimize Stress”. This recommendation can be confusing because we all know that life is full of stressors, many of which we cannot control.


Stress to your body is STRESS whether it’s stress from work, family, life, illness, exercise, poor nutrition, or sleep deprivation. Your body cannot differentiate from different stressors, all it knows is that stress = danger+the physiological response (fight or flight) that it has in response to handle stress.

When you experience stress, your body raises cortisol levels. If stress is temporary, & cortisol levels are normal/regulated, then after the stressful event, your body returns to its non-stressed state & cortisol flows at its normal pattern, higher in the morning & early day, lower in the afternoon evening.

If you sustain high stress for an extended period of time & cortisol levels remain high for an extended period of time, then high blood pressure, high blood sugar & inflammation result. PLUS, sometimes in this case, your adrenals cannot keep up with cortisol production & steal from pregnenolone (the mother pre-hormone for sex hormones) to produce cortisol which results in other hormone imbalances.


  • Identify the stress you CAN control vs. what you CANNOT control.
  • Focus on what you can control.
  • Out of what you can control, prioritize what tasks MUST be completed & save the lower priority tasks for another day.
  • While prioritizing tasks, make sure to build in a block of time during the day to exercise, even if it’s a 10-20 min walk AND downtime for YOURSELF at the end of the day to wind down, decompress & eat dinner & get to bed at a reasonable hour. Restorative sleep trumps checking tasks off your to-do list any day, as sleep deprivation affects hormone balance, healing & fat loss.

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