You’ll See It When You Believe It.

Yesterday on Instagram Live I talked about “You’ll see it when you believe it”, and how this applies as you make a BIG change in your business or life. PLUS, I also shared some personal challenges I overcame as I shifted the focus of my business this year from Strength, Nutrition, and Hormone Balance Coaching to Business Coaching and Mentorship Programs for Fitness Professionals.

The challenges and mindset shift that talk about in the video applies to EVERY transition I have ever made as a Fitness Professional in the industry since I first transitioned full-time from my office job to work full-time in Fitness; not just to the transition I made this past year.

Each time I made a transition,

  • from IT Consultant to Full-Time Personal Trainer;
  • from working as a Personal Trainer in the Commercial Gym to opening, owning, and operating my own facility;
  • from closing my facility to moving to Las Vegas and having to completely re-build my business and establish myself as a Fitness Professional;
  • from leaving Cirque du Soleil to focus 100% on building my online business;

I went through the same mental process and mindset shift.

Watch a replay of the Instagram Live in the video below to learn more.

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