Ever taken a class with a bad instructor?

The other day on the EmpowerU Business Academy group call, one of our clients just started teaching virtual group kettlebell classes, and we were talking about how teaching to a group is completely different than coaching a client 1:1.

There IS a skill to effectively teach a group so that the direction is clear, the workout has structure and the group stays motivated, engaged and excited and you’re not just standing there, silent, watching everyone workout 🙄.

When you coach 1:1, you’re watching form and giving occasional cues and direction.

When you are teaching to a group, whether a class or a workshop you are LEADING the group through an organized, motivating, and exciting experience 🤩.

For a lot of strength and fitness coaches this skill DOES NOT come naturally.

If you have experience teaching group fitness, or if you’re like me and started out working in the fitness industry as a group fitness instructor then it DOES come naturally.

But for most coaches who mainly have experience in 1:1 coaching, it can be awkward and overwhelming.

One of the skills that I teach in the I Am Not Afraid To Lift® Workshop Mentorship is this very skill How to teach effective, motivating, excited, and organized group workouts with clear direction and instruction.

When people have a sh*tty experience in a group atmosphere, they leave unhappy and think you’re a bad coach.

When people have an incredible experience in a group atmosphere, they leave TRANSFORMED and impacted by your coaching. (Check out some examples HERE.)

IMO, learning how to teach effectively to groups, and to teach transformational workshops, is an ESSENTIAL skill for strength and fitness coaches.

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