I Did My First Pull-up When I Was 32 Years Old

Believe it or not there was a time in my life when I did not train pull-ups and did not even KNOW that I could do a pull-up!

When I finally DID do a pull-up, (it was a neutral grip btw, NOT an overhand grip), I could only do 1-2 repetitions per set.

NOW, I regularly train sets of 10 repetitions, sometimes even 12 per set and the last time I tested my max set of bodyweight pull-ups it was 18 overhand grip pull-ups.

Even though pull-ups are one of my strengths, I did not wake up like this.

I trained for it, CONSISTENTLY.

First I started with 1 pull-up, then 3, then 5, etc.

AND THEN I got crazy and started to load my pull-ups and do weighted pull-ups!

My clearest memory of doing a pull-up is from 2008, when I was 32 years old, and I completed a neutral grip pull-up for the very first time.

At that time, I was training for my black belt in kung fu and had hired a strength coach, Isaac July, to help me stay strong and healthy so that I could complete my black belt.

One day when I was training with him he asked me if I could do a pull-up, and honestly I didn’t know. 

At age 32, I could not remember EVER having done a pull-up!

With that, I responded to him, “I don’t know… let’s see if I can!”

Notice that my mindset was NOT, “I can’t do a pull-up.”

It was, “Let’s see what I’ve got.”

Mindset is extremely important when it comes to pull-ups.

You have to have confidence that you CAN DO a pull-up and ATTACK THE BAR.

My coach, Isaac, picked me up to reach the bar and sure enough I completed my very first neutral grip pull-up!

It was very exciting and it motivated me to want to keep training to be able to do more.

From there, I did pull-ups almost every time I trained, BECAUSE, in addition to mindset, consistency is also a key factor in order to build pull-up strength.

NOW I am a pull-up BEAST and I have helped HUNDREDS of women get their first pull-up and increase their pull-up strength.

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Sending you all the pull-up strength,


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