“Why Women Can’t Do Pull-ups”

For decades, society and the media has told us that “Women can’t do pull-ups”.

They’ve taken the biological fact that women are the physically “weaker” sex because we have lower levels of testosterone, and therefore typically develop less muscle than men to translate that we aren’t strong enough to do pull-ups.

In fact, The New York Times even wrote an article in 2012 that drove this point home: “Why Women Can’t Do Pull-ups”.

To add insult to injury, when the marines started to require that female recruits also do pull-ups along with the male recruits, NPR wrote an article in 2013 that emphasized women’s innate INABILITY to do pull-ups: “Marines: Female Recruits Don’t Meet New Pull-ups Standard”.

Then in 2014, in the article: “The Marines’ pull-up controversy: An unexpected battle in the gender wars”, The Washington Post wrote:

“It’s official. Men rule at pull-ups.

Most female Marines can’t even do three lousy pull-ups!”.

It’s bad enough that we as women are constantly criticized in every aspect of our lives from our bodies and physical appearance to career, reproductive, and marital choices, and that compared to men, we’re held back financially because we make less per dollar than white men make.

BUT, we also need to be told that we are not strong enough to do pull-ups?!


I say it’s all FAKE NEWS.

These FAKE NEWS articles fail in all areas, and especially in the area of what is required to do a pull-up.

These articles focus on only building upper body strength in order to do a pull-up and fail to address 4 other essential areas:

CONSISTENCY: If you want to do a pull-up and get strong at pull-ups then you need to practice them multiple times a week.

CORE STRENGTH: The pull-up is an upper body pull and a dynamic hang and hanging requires core strength.

SKILL: Doing a pull-up is a SKILL. The skill of learning how to help your upper body and core work synergistically to do a pull-up.

MINDSET: You must have a positive, CAN DO, mindset, no matter where you are in your pull-up journey, and ATTACK THE BAR.

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